Event 2022

Next Urban Landscapes: Datum and Resiliency

Rethinking urban and living spaces for the 21st century city

Domus Academy
The event belongs to
Alcova 2022

‘Next Urban Landscapes: Datum and Resiliency’ showcases projects related to the 21st-century city, investigating the stratum above or beside existing urban buildings or city fabric.

Curated by Domus Academy Director of Education, Mark Anderson, and by Architect and Professor Dante Donegani, the installation includes a selection of projects by Domus Academy students, analyzing the pre-established environment from new perspectives where economy, society, quality of life take on different roles and grades of importance.

Distance and proximity, space and contact, duties and desires are just a few dichotomies that designers have to consider in the next future. Students from the Master in Product Design, Interior & Living Design, Urban Vision & Architectural Design have worked on one of the spaces most coveted by human being: the roof, conceived as a junction of land and sky and, at the same time, a tangible sign of the society’s fragmentation.

The projects propose new components to re-think the living spaces by a process of hybridization of what the modern society has divided, specialized and counterposed: city versus countryside, industry versus residence, work versus time off.

The real estate footprint (value) —also vertical—is supplanted by individual and collective concerns and strategic proposals of resilience. Private ownership, use of shared and public space are questioned.

The projects have been developed under the guidance of Dante Donegani, Fosbury Architecture and Domus Academy Workshop Programme Leaders Aoi Hasegawa and Elisa Poli.

ALCOVA, Via Simone Saint Bon 1, Building 4:E/Space, first floor, space E16

Domus Academy

Domus Academy began its activity in 1982 in Milan as one of the first post-graduate design schools in Italy and was conceived as an open project around the experience of Italian design and fashion.

Domus Academy is a place where the designers of the future can experience an open and interdisciplinary environment, working with visionary and avant-garde companies. Following the method based on learning by designing, students develop a mindset that allows them to find creative solutions in future scenarios.

The academic offering consists of 11 Academic Master Programmes recognized by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) covering four main areas: Design, Fashion, Experience and Business. From September 2021, the educational opportunities expand with the Double Award Master allowing students to receive a Master of Arts with British accreditation too.

Over the years, Domus Academy has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Compasso d'Oro Award for the quality of research and academic approach and the Special Badge of Excellence in Learning Experience from The Business of Fashion. It is among the top three best Design Schools in Italy and among the top 100 Universities in the world in the Art & Design field in the 2022 edition of the QS World University Rankings.


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