Caterina di Noia

Caterina di Noia Official e.Reporter


Canon EOS 1300D

iPhone 11

Fujica Stx-1N

I'm Caterina and I'm a second-year Communication Design student. Since I moved to Milan, I have let myself be carried away by the charm and multiplicity of the aspects of this city, pushing me to try to capture its dynamism and uniqueness.

The field of video and photography has fascinated me since I was little and I used compact cameras to take pictures and shoot short videos. I have tried to develop this passion first as a hobby, now as an integral part of my academic and perhaps working path. I dedicate myself to digital photography and I have recently discovered the analogue one, to capture those intimate and personal moments, those experiences and those expressions of people within a given environment: therefore, capture those brief unrepeatable moments full of emotions.

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