Between Space and Time

Designing change with new world visions for a brighter future

The theme of Fuorisalone 2022

The September edition of Fuorisalone, entitled Forme dell'Abitare (Forms of Living), has represented a significant moment for the entire design industry, symbolic for the restart and real for the possibility to meet again in presence. Milan, which hosts the most important international Design Week, has confirmed its primacy by focusing on quality and research, synthesis of those processes already in place that the pandemic has produced.

And it is from these reflections that the June 2022 edition takes shape, entitled Between Space and Time.

Space and time are the two dimensions at the heart of the debate and international agendas that today determine the frame of reference for the design culture defining its context of action.
The choice of the theme comes from the observations emerged over the last two years, from the dialogue with companies and designers and from the COP26 programme manifesto: we don’t have much time to think about our space and only planning every action in a conscious way can we think about the future.
The reflection is not limited to this. Indeed, we think of the various possible interpretations of the theme, as it was with “Forme dell’Abitare”, to give life to communication projects capable of extending the message and sharing different points of view.

For some it may be a useful invitation to remember the importance of dedicating time to one’s own space, for others it may be a warning to design spaces lasting over time or to consider what space to dedicate to time in order to achieve something useful and important for oneself and for others.
From the relationship between these two elements different interpretations may arise useful to broaden the dialogue in an open exchange between professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs hybridising different disciplines.

We have chosen two keywords that represent interconnected dimensions involved in the profound changes that characterize today's world, changes necessary to generate innovation in processes and content. Space and time express two variables useful to evaluate our impact on the Planet and to plan concrete decisions and actions to design change.

The design in this scenario is a real enabler, able to support the transition to sustainability, necessary and urgent to address the environmental crisis as widely emphasized during the COP26 in Glasgow. The role of the designer today is to help us with his ideas to understand the complexity of reality, in all its nuances. Drawing maps that help us move in the world and understand it.

And it is above all the designer's task to design tools at the service of the community, to imagine the relationship between physical and virtual spaces, to conserve natural resources and integrate them more and more into our habitats, to think about the future of our cities, of our homes, a future that is increasingly on a human scale.

To outline the working path that will accompany us from now to June 2022 we thought of ten keywords.

Quality The pursuit of quality is a central factor. Today more than ever we need to improve the quality of our lives, environments and human relations.

Fragility This delicate time in history has revealed the most vulnerable side of society. Imagine new tools at the service of the most vulnerable.

Culture We believe in design as an enabler for change, a key tool for building unique relationships and interactions.

Technique Imagine and shape the future with a positive impact on society and the world. That's the challenge of a human-scale technology

Exploration Diversity is an added value and exploring it allows you to enjoy new worlds and ways of thinking.

Sharing Connecting and sharing ideas: cooperation is a key concept in dealing with the global issues of the coming years.

Care Taking care of our surroundings, from the environment to our relationships, giving rise to interactions that enhance our identities.

Protection We believe in designing sustainable products and processes, so that biodiversity and environmental safeguard become a priority, protecting ourselves, others and the world around us in a conscious way.

Experience We must treasure the cultural heritage that includes ideas and know-how. Experience is a knowledge tool for human development.

Urgency We need a push to rethink urban spaces with the goal of improving the lives of citizens and the planet. The fight against the climate crisis is the real great ethical and economic challenge.

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