Venice Design Week: 'Synaesthesias' is the theme for 2023

News, Appointments — 06 October 2023

The fourteenth edition of the festival dedicated to design and innovation presents ideas and projects from all over the world in the city from 7 to 15 October.

Thematic exhibitions, tours of artisan workshops and Venetian concept stores, opportunities for discussion: Venice Design Week 2023 - which from 7 to 15 October makes design the protagonist of a widespread event in the streets of the city - presents projects by designers that play with our senses, and lead us to explore unexpected emotions, thanks to the theme 'Synaesthesias'.

In addition to the contemporary proposals, there will be three itineraries at the centre of this fourteenth edition: the Light itinerary, which each year presents lighting pieces and light installations created in the city (including projects by Leo de Carlo with Multiforme illuminazione); the Jewellery itinerary, which winds its way through various exhibitions and invites us to dialogue with Venetian artisans and goldsmiths; and the Synaesthetic itinerary, which will surprise visitors.

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The theme "Synaesthesias" is then declined in a cycle of conferences moderated by journalists and public speakers: "synaesthesia and design. beyond the visual", "colour in interior design", "synaesthesia and soundscapes" and "colour as a strategy in design" during which experts researchers on synaesthesia, university lecturers and scientists will speak, and designers and companies will testify on the practical aspects. Workshops and training sessions dedicated to designers are planned, including "Mechanisms of Creativity" directed by Terry McStea and the sensory workshop curated by Ivana Carmen Mottola.

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New for 2023 is the "outdoor design" section which creates a dedicated itinerary among some of Venice's hidden gardens and public places, while the exhibitions - the group exhibition "The importance of detail in interior design" dedicated to the Biennale of Architecture, the "VDW Design Market" on 14 and 15 October in the cloister of the Jesuits, home of COMBO Venice, with the works of various European craftsmen, the exhibition dedicated to the international competition VDW Jewelry Selection, now in its tenth edition, and the exhibition "I don't shine but I have something to say" dedicated to jewellery and realised in collaboration with the ADmore gallery and the Nani Mocenigo Palace - complete the multi-faceted offer of a Venice that remains active in the promotion and dissemination of the most diverse aspects of "savoir faire".

Venice Design Week, from 7 to 15 October

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