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News, Appointments, Milan — 29 January 2024
BASE Milano

The experimental laboratory platform returns to BASE Milano: a public program that anticipates the themes of April, a large installation and a long-term plural transformative vision.

From 15 to 21 April 2024, We Will Design returns to BASE Milano, the experimental laboratory platform that since 2021 has welcomed and promoted projects by designers from all over the world, schools, universities and international institutions during Design Week. The fourth edition will be dedicated to conviviality understood as a collective need based on cooperation, mutual care and solidarity, and will be preceded by a public program on the theme of coexistence and an installation.

The themes of this edition
With this edition We Will Design aims to expand beyond the temporal limits of Design Week by presenting international residencies and exchanges throughout the year, and in which design practices and experiences become a lens for reading, and sometimes solving , the contradictions of our present. What will it mean to transform BASE into a place of political presence where we can live and reinvent space? And what will doing so mean in relation to the moment of the year in which Milan becomes the global point of reference for the design industry?
BASE thus opens the doors to the construction of a temporary community that will live and work within the complex, transformed for the occasion into a "laboratory of conviviality". The edition will be an invitation to reflect on the most innovative international practices of coexistence, cohabitation and sharing and their interrelation with the fields relating to migration, gender, skills, health and cultural background.
We Will Design will try to imagine new ways of coexistence and interdependence based on principles such as cooperation, democracy, dialogue between cultures, equal dignity and ecological responsibility.

We Will Design 2023

CASE, the public program
from 31 January to 15 March 2024

Three meetings on the complex question of housing - triggered by the wave of dissent in response to high rents - curated by Erica Petrillo dedicated to new housing practices: with Pelin Tan (31 January), Berta Gutierres and Alkistis Thomidou (forty five degrees) with Rosario Talevi (28 February) and Francesca Gotti (15 March).
A focus on a phenomenon with deep roots, which have to do with a broad planetary malaise which concerns the real possibility of coexistence in a complex, hyper-globalized context, in which various political, environmental and social crises have left us in a precarious limbo, without certainties or holds. How is it possible, then, to build new foundations for a coexistence (global and local) based on conviviality, understood as a collective need based on mutualism, mutual care and solidarity? What spatial strategies can we look at to test new forms of civic cohabitation and alternative modes of existence? CASE does not address the issue of the housing emergency directly, it does so in a transversal way, looking at very different realities which - through experimental spatial practices, experiences of alternative pedagogy, modes of political-artistic activism - experiment with alternative modes of mutualism and solidarity.


TALAMO, a large participatory installation
from the days of miart 2024

TALAMO will be a performative sculpture by the London-based Italian architect duo Lemonot (Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri) in collaboration with Xavier Madden and Katja Banović and will introduce the public to the themes of the edition.
In this context, TALAMO will be a convivial architecture: an immense and at the same time light bed, in a dynamic suspension between floor and ceiling. A soft and fluid landscape designed by gravity and bodies, which will create its topography. A restless stage that will give life, first with the performers arisandmartha (Aris Papadopoulos and Martha Pasakopoulou) and then involving the audience, to fantastic choreographies and configurations - in which the boundary between matter and the human body is blurred. TALAMO will therefore use performative practices to reinvent the forms of spontaneous theatricality hidden in everyday life, ordinary rituals that become exceptional. In its continuous making and unmaking, TALAMO will be a living object, capable of welcoming everyone's physicality, placing it in a dimension of renewed collective confrontation.

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