Fuorisalone Meets: Astrid Luglio

News, Milan, Interviews — 31 January 2024
Astrid Luglio

Walks, warm bread and moments of Milanese peace: the designer who designs for the 5 senses reveals in this q&a a relationship with the city made of calm and small daily joys.

Name: Astrid Luglio

Describe what you do:
I am a product designer. I am interested in culinary culture, archetypal objects, fragrances and sensory experiences.

Where do you live and where is your studio?
Made in Naples, based in Milan.

What are you designing today?
The Bocuse d'Or tray for the Italy team, a collection of crystal objects and a set of cutlery.

Shopping at the market or night supermarket?
Night supermarket in my 2019. Neighborhood market in my 2023.

If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead?
At the cliff of Marechiaro.

ph Claudia Zalla

Your favorite place in Milan:
My favorite place in the city at the moment is the Circolino del Pane, I designed it for the Davide Longoni bakery and it is a micro space in the back of a warehouse where dinners, breakfasts, tastings and human encounters that are always a little special take place.

Your favorite corner of the city:
The Martesana canal. I walk there almost every day, it is populated by bizarre animals and humans. I often stop to drink a coffee at the Tipografia Alimentare, it's a small corner of the city that makes me feel good.

Where do you buy a special birthday gift?
At the Assago market early in the morning.

What do you collect?
I collect spoons of different materials, sizes and origins.

The thing to never say or ask a designer:
“We have no budget for this project… but it can be important for your portfolio.”

If you could only have one drink your entire life, what would it be?
A cold glass of sparkling wine.

If you were a food what would you be?
A crescent of warm bread.

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