The snows illuminated by Mandalaki's explorations

News, Interviews — 07 February 2024

The Halo Expeditions project brings the tech colors of Mandalaki to the extreme lands of the Dolomites.

Halo Expeditions is a series of artistic projects curated by Mandalaki, a Milan-based design studio formed by Enrico De Lotto, George (Koli) Kolliopoulos, Giovanni Senin and Davide Giovannardi, who has developed one of the most interesting lighting design projects of the last years with the famous Halo Edition lamps.

halo_expedition_mandalaki_fuorisaloneph. Mandalaki

These exclusive images - taken during January 2024 - are extracted from the Halo Expeditions art project, launched by the studio in 2020 with the aim of exploring and understanding the perception of light in some of the most extreme and unique places in nature where man has ventured or lived. “These lands not only symbolize the formidable challenges and profound mysteries of nature - explains Mandalaki - but are also transformed into canvases on which to create new forms of art through light, revealing insights into our deep connection with nature and underlining our responsibility in its conservation.

ph. Mandalaki

Two expeditions have been completed so far, one summer and one winter, each revealing a chapter of our connection to the natural world as well as elevating the beauty and wonder of nature from a new perspective.” The images published here document the Expedition to the Dolomites carried out during the month of January 2024, described by the design studio as follows:

ph. Mandalaki

The Dolomites are a place of breathtaking beauty that enchants anyone who looks at them. These mountains are inhabited by a mysterious energy that has sparked fascinating legends and stories for centuries. Their wild beauty and the peace that reigns in these places have inspired many to search for a deeper meaning in their existence. Through the use of drones and sophisticated optical technologies, we retrace a visionary exploratory journey, crossing steep paths, impervious streams and flying above the treetops and peaks in search of the mystical connection that binds us with this special place.

The large projections transform these primordial places into surreal dimensions in which to be fascinated and rediscover the connection with nature and the universe.

ph. Mandalaki

Heading towards remote places at sunset means living an experience in which all our senses are activated at 360 degrees: being surrounded only by natural elements, with sometimes unrecognizable sounds and noises and meeting by chance the creatures that live in these places might be frightening, but the sensations of wonder in listening to mysterious echoes, faint rustles and in sharing natural spaces with those who live there cancel out any type of fear and sensation of loss, projecting the user into a state of mind of peace and wonder cohesive with the world around him making him feel part of the entire ecosystem.

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