Fuorisalone Meets: 6:AM Glassworks

Milan, Interviews — 12 February 2024

Edoardo Pandolfo and Francesco Palù are the designer duo that brings glass craftsmanship into the contemporary, defining themselves as "the next generation of Murano glass design" - with a studio in Milan and eclectic collaborations around the city.

6:AM Glassworks

Describe what you do:
We are a design brand that works with artistic glass.

Where do you live and where is your studio?
We both live in Milan, in the north-east area and the studio is located in the Greco area. We also have an office in Venice.

What are you designing today?
The new furniture collection for Milan Design Week 2024. The first furniture collection, indeed, as for the moment we only have lighting and objects in the catalogue.

Salone 2023 Convey installation - Ph Delfino Sisto Legnani

In your opinion, what does represent most the relationship between Milan and design?
E: the details of the subway design.
F: the proximity of artisanal production realities.

The first place in Milan where you would take someone who has never been in town:
E: Sempione Park and Triennale.
F: Liberty-Villa Necchi district.

What was the very first thing you designed in life?
E: a Lego tower.
F: a cabin in the countryside.

What do you collect?
We collect contemporary art and photography.

Your masterpiece in the kitchen:
E: cabbage.
F: the carbonara.

If you were a food what would you be?
E: tiramisu.
F: courgettes.

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