Indian Tiny Mega Store, by Gunjan Gupta

— 15 March 2024
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Casa del Diavolo
Via Cesare Correnti, 14

Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, the solo show by one of the most important Indian designers brings a typical supermarket from her country to the heart of the 5VIE.

Gunjan Gupta stands as one of the most relevant and talented Indian designers of our time. Her whimsical and unconventional creative approach to design, coupled with a keen focus on her country’s ingenuity, potential, and skills is reflected in her unique collectible pieces, but also in her latest venture called Ikkis - a beautifully crafted collection of everyday objects. 

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In Hindi, Ikkis, meaning 21, refers to “a number eternally significant and symbolic in matters both physical and spiritual. It’s no coincidence that sequence, modularity, and symmetry inform how we design for 21st-century contemporary living”, elaborates Gupta. Consequently, the number 21 serves as the driving force to inform the presentation of the INDIAN TINY MEGA STORE project at and produced by 5 Vie on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, a project curated by Maria Cristina Didero.

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Having previously worked on limited editions, Gunjan Gupta has now launched the Ikkis websitei (, offering access to the most typical Indian crafts and tableware with a special, contemporary twist. As we are in the XXI century Gupta aims to explore the concept of number 21, especially considering recent social and political changes in India. Ikkis products are presented within 21 concepts that are reimaginations of iconic Indian forms or ritual. Therefore, the vision is to recreate a miniature of a typical Indian supermarket – a tiny yet superb space! - featuring refined and elegant objects designed for everyday use. This initiative represents a form of democratisation in Gupta’s design philosophy, making these objects crafted with a touch of love and most of all, accessible to everyone.

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Nestled in the compact space in The House of Devil, in Via Cesare Correnti N. 14, in the heart of Milan, the flavours of a colourful and joyful India will embrace the visitors. Guests will find themselves surrounded by enchanting perfumes, delightful music and the soft moods emanating from this distinctive and fascinating country. Amidst this unique ambiance, the audience will discover a limited offering of only 21 copies across a carefully curated selection of 21 products, available for purchase within the tiny exhibition space. Feel free to indulge in a self-service experience, choosing from the exquisite 18th-century wooden shelves.

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The venue aims to evoke the typical ambiance and sounds of original Indian streets, where markets serve as the vibrant core of daily life and exchanges. The presented collection reflects a refined and outstanding approach, aligning with Gupta’s distinguished and gracious commitment to high craftsmanship in objects. These are not just objects to be admired; they are intended for everyday use, emphasising the philosophy that every day is a gift, and thus, each day should be celebrated as such. In essence, we present simple typologies of objects, elevated to a special status through Gupta's unique touch. 

image-1710409723© Ikkis

For Milano Design Week 2024 the designer premieres a special collection and a tribute dedicated to Milan; Gunjan Gupta's homage to the great international master Ettore Sottsass is infused by the chromatic nuances of his turn-of-the-last-century Totem series, and by his trips to India. On the occasion of INDIAN TINY MEGA STORE the designer created a tailor-made collection of glasses, cups and plates with a clear chromatic reference to the shades of these bright and stunning historical ceramics.

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Imagining a typical Indian supermarket within such a confined space creates a captivating juxtaposition. Amidst the vibrant ambiance, infused with the joy and essence of Gunjan Gupta's remarkable homeland, the INDIAN TINY MEGA STORE promises immerse yourself in a special atmosphere and to transport you to the warmest heart of India in Milan, where you can admire and acquire exceptional contemporary design pieces.

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