Pop finds a home in Milan. The Chiquita House opens its doors

— 05 April 2024
©️ Chiquita

Via San Marco, 22

From 15 to 21 april

Romero Britto's NeoPop art dresses the world's most iconic fruit and creates an immersive space of pure pop.

The banana is probably the most pop fruit there is. Not only because it has been portrayed by artists who have written history and made it a true icon in the world of Pop Art, but also because of its ability to be popular and democratic, a fruit that you can always carry with you and consume anywhere. 

It is with this in mind that during Milan Design Week 2024, Chiquita, the global leader in the sector, has collaborated with NeoPop artist Romero Britto to create a space dedicated to the pop fruit par excellence. The Chiquita House is an immersive and engaging experience, and just like the fruit, it is also accessible and inclusive, characteristics shared by the art of the founder of the Happy Art Movement.

©️ Chiquita

This encounter gives rise to a series of rooms in which Britto's typical tropical colour and patterns dominate, dressing them to create a series of playful and fun areas. Dive into a pool of bananas or colour an entire room together with the artist himself: everything is possible within the walls of the pop universe brought to life by the Chiquita House.

A space where vibrant and playful artistic expression is translated into functional design, offering an experience that is not only colourful and carefree, but also conceived and set up to engage and entertain in the most inclusive way. What characterises the space most is the interactivity, with design elements created to combine aesthetic value with the spontaneity of participation. A space to experience and enjoy "peel good moments".

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