Fuorisalone meets Finemateria

— 16 May 2024

Monobloc seats in expanded polyurethane, reassembled metal profiles and armchairs with layers of density, but also collaborations with important brands such as Campeggi, Quadro Design, Kristalia and Bolzan: the designer duo focuses on creating ideas, emotions and intense memories in relation to materials.

Name: Finemateria (Gianluca Sigismondi, Stefano Bassan)

Describe what you do:
Finemateria is a design studio that creates self-productions, products for companies, spatial installations, interiors and creative consultancy.

Where do you live and where is your studio?
The studio is in Porto di Mare, in the courtyard of DOPO? Space.

What are you designing today?
Today we are finalizing the design of a bathroom furniture collection and organizing a collaboration for the launch of a self-produced limited edition. We will also follow our carpenter who is completing the production of a custom table for a client's new home.

If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead?
At the moment it would lead to an isolated house in Brittany, a bit like Pete Doherty's house in Étretat.


Finemateria Please Hold Up
Please Hold Up, 2021, ph. NonFuturo

Your favorite bar and restaurant in Milan: 
Favorite bar is Vino, next door Bagni Misteriosi, favorite restaurant of the moment is Piero e Pia.

Your favorite corner of the city:
Via Mozart - Via Cappuccini.

Your favorite character in town:
Alberto Fortis.

Something you have at home that you designed yourself:
The bed.

Where do you buy a special birthday gift?
We may not buy it but do it.

The thing to never say or ask a designer:
Never say the project is too free.

Your masterpiece in the kitchen:
Pizzoccheri in winter, pasta with clams in summer.

If you could only have one drink your entire life, what would it be?




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