Stunning seats that we fell in love with at Design Week

— 21 May 2024

Armchairs, chairs and sofas: at the Fuorisalone 2024 we discovered the seats of the year that we would all like in our home.



Peggy by Gio Tirotto for MDF Italia
The Peggy armchair is perfect for those who have become a fan of the soft and full-bodied trend: with sinuous and enveloping shapes, this seat conveys a sense of protection and welcome. Built in tubular steel and recycled foam, it is made up of just two parts: a base-back and a seat, held together by a fixing system that allows for easy disassembly. Thanks to these, the backrest cantilevers out which makes it dynamic and light, while at the same time appearing curvy and comfortable.


Cornaro, re-edition by Carlo Scarpa for Cassina
Born as a sofa from a project by Carlo Scarpa in 1973, Cornaro celebrates the happy meeting of two opposites: on the one hand the geometric rigor of the base that embraces the seat, on the other the generous padding set in the sculptural wooden structure. Every detail is meticulously taken care of to highlight the original aesthetics of the model, such as the exposed black leather thins kept inside a seal developed to facilitate the connection of the backrest to the structure. The padding is in recycled PET fiber and elements made of polyurethane with a percentage of polyols deriving from biological sources and in CIRCULARREFOAM®, while the base is in glossy lacquered beech or in matt lacquered open-pore ash.



Gomma, re-edition by De Pas, D'urbino, Lomazzi for Zanotta
Zanotta reissues Gomma, designed in 1970 by the trio composed of Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, with shapes from the era that are still very current today and capable of bringing a lot of personality into every environment in which it is inserted. The armchair has a plywood structure with springing on elastic straps, feet in solid evaporated beech wood, removable padding in self-extinguishing polyurethane foam and removable upholstery in fabric or leather.

ph. Alejandro Ramoroz

12 Chairs for Meditation, by Andres Reisinger for Nilufar
The digital artist and designer staged the experiential exhibition '12 Chairs for Meditation', occupying the atrium of Nilufar Depot venue. Reisinger crafted a theatrical narrative encouraging visitors to partake in introspective meditation. Curated by the artist and Nina Yashar, the exhibition unveiled a new collection of chairs and a site-specific mosaic accompanied by a bespoke musical piece composed by Reisinger himself.


Beverly, of NUOVA Group
NUOVA Group, a design studio based in California, previewed its new limited edition collection at Milan Design Week 2024. In the Time Travel installation, a mixture of multi-sensorial exhibition and immersive performance, pieces from the retro-inspired collection, the American 70s, inhabited. Time Travel was a temporary take over of the new Milanese bistro Via Stampa, conceived as an invitation to undertake a journey that transcends the present moment, offering a glimpse into alternative realities. Inside the installation, NUOVA Group presented a preview of the new limited edition collection, the Enzo coffee table, the Loretta lamp, the Andrea lamp and the large Beverly sofa, with shapes ready to make it the new iconic piece of this season. All elements of the collection are entirely produced in Italy: craftsmanship meets the American dream.


Puff D, by Diesel Living
Puff-D, by Diesel Living with Moroso, is an informal and at the same time refined seat, designed to bring character to the various spaces of contemporary living, from residential to contract. The folds of the upholstery, deliberately left in disarray, are defined by a pattern specifically designed to enhance the spontaneous and unconventional appearance of the armchair. The Puff-D seat is made with a lightweight composite internal structure in polymeric materials and differentiated density polyurethane foam, on a plywood base. The removable and washable fabric covering is characterized by conspicuous folds, which envelop the entire structure, closing at the bottom using an elastic band.


OTO chair, by Alessandro Stabile + Martinelli Venezia
After its launch at Design Week 2023, this year came the real success for the OTO chair, the chair designed to bring to the market with an accessible product a new idea of sustainable design, key to being able to interpret design in a contemporary way in terms of production sustainability, technology, sales methods and functionality. OTO chair is the first product of ONE TO ONE, a hyper-serial, single-material, mountable chair, produced in a single mold and created with post-industrial recycled plastic that will help remove more of it from the seas.


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