Fuorisalone meets From outer Space

— 23 May 2024
ph. Piergiorgio Sorgetti

For the duo of transdisciplinary designers - of interiors, installations, objects, graphics or interfaces within physical or digital environments - the tools to read contemporaneity are activated by the design practices.

From Space (Anna Paola Buonanno and Piergiorgio Italiano).


Describe what you do:
We work across disciplines, designing installations, interiors or objects.


Where do you live and where is your studio?
We live in the Acquabella* neighborhood and work a few minutes away by bike, in Città Studi.
* between viale Argonne and via Lomellina, where Enzo Jannacci lived.


What are you designing today?
A series of objects, a book, an exhibition.

ph. Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Outdoor walk or tour in a museum?
Walk in the open air to get to the museum. And viceversa.


Shopping at the local market or night supermarket?
At the local market at Martino's, our trusted greengrocer.


If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead?
To the Island of Asinara.


ph. Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Your favorite restaurant in Milan:
The Oceania pizzeria. At least for Dario's musical selection.


Your funniest memory related to the Fuorisalone:
AP: That time I badly scraped my knee in front of Bar Basso.


Your favorite corner of the city:
The Botanical Garden of Città Studi, an incredible place: it doesn't feel like being in the city despite the iconic buildings that surround it.


ph. Piergiorgio Sorgetti


Something you have at home that you designed yourself:
A couple of tables, a bookcase, some benches... we use most of our prototypes at home. Lately we've been looking for a sofa, but we're having a hard time choosing one: we'll probably end up designing it ourselves.


Where do you buy a special birthday gift?
At Spazio, an architecture gallery and bookshop in via Spallanzani. Or on eBay.


What do you collect?
P: Guitar pedals, multiples by Lucio del Pezzo, pencils, but also boxes of various materials and sizes…

An object you couldn't survive without:
AP: My bicycle.



If you could only have one drink your entire life, what would it be?
AP: Pelliccia (to drink only at Liberation day).
P: Bloody Mary.


If you were a food what would you be?
Sacher cake!




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