Casa Na Estrela, a new concept of living in Lisbon

— 09 June 2020

Novacolor srl: Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 10 - 47122 Forlì (FC)
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Casa Na Estrela, located in Lisbon's eponymous neighborhood, is a reinterpretation of the traditional terraced house, entirely renovated.
Outside, the architects decided to create concrete facades using Novacolor's product Novacem, an acrylic anti-carbonation paint, while for the interior floors they chose Wall2Floor, Novacolor's multi-layers coating.
The project, realized together with Novacolor's Portuguese partner TDRV, uses a different architectural language compared to the surrounding buildings, eliminating ornaments and preferring more linear and geometric figures that sculpt the surrounding landscape. From the roof we can see, as in a frame, the Basílica da Estrela of the 13th century and the river Tagus.

One of the ambitions of Novacolor, an Italian brand synonymous of elegance, creativity and courage in innovating the decorative sector, is to offer outdoor solutions for living the city with greater awareness, enhancing urban planning as a result of a collective architecture and, at the same time, enriching ancient and contemporary interiors by offering color solutions and textures contaminated by past and present. It is from this desire that the lines dedicated to concrete effects and the Wall2Floor system are born.

Novacem is an outdoor paint with a satin-look, based on acrylic resins. The product is CE marked, it complies with the standards EN 1504-2 which establishes the products’ performance requirements for the repair and protection of concrete, and has a high resistance to the chemical aggression and to the atmospheric agents.
The nature of the binder used, the balanced formulation and the use of suitable additives, provide an effective barrier against carbonation. Novacem is recommended as a protection against carbonation of concrete surfaces, reinforced concrete and in general all cement-based plasters.

Wall2Floor is an elegant, modern and versatile solution. It is a multilayer system that allows to create continuous seamless coverings, according to the latest architectural trends. Wall2Floor decorates antique and contemporary environments, offering color solutions and textures contaminated by past and present. It gives life to clean lines and surfaces that are never the same, reconnecting to an essential dimension where true luxury is a natural elegance.

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