6X6 – The art of making connection - The new way to design

— 10 June 2020

6x6 is not simply a product, but an open solution that uses a system of natural wooden frames, which can be personalised with different finishing materials and accessories, to create unlimited furnishing configurations and space dividers suited to any type of room. Thanks to its connecting system, the structure can be easily assembled and disassembled for future re-adaptation.

The 6x6 system favours the choice and use of sustainable materials in line with international regulations, thanks to a process which reduces waste and energy consumption. The easy re-utilisation and simple disassembling follow the main criteria of sustainability, compatible with protecting the environment and its resources for future generations. The simple disassembling is due to the innovative joint which eliminates the need for glues, and was invented by the architect Nicholas Bewick; its oval shape creates an elegant detail to join the strips of laminated wood. A new iconic joint in the world of designing. 

Besides the concept of sustainability, the system also meets the characteristics of flexibility and versatility, thanks to the infinite possibility of configurations. This enables configuring and sizing based on the needs of the project. As well as the free choice in sizing, 6x6 is also flexible in the choice of finishes and in the integration of accessories, such as handles, door mechanisms, curtain tracks, lighting and wiring.

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