Safe by Medit
. Technology and solutions to live safely any shared and high-traffic space.

— 16 June 2020

via Reggio Emilia 33 - 20090 Segrate (MI)  
Direct Contact :  
Valentina Visigalli  - Marketing e Comunicazione
Phone: +393939111136

Medit introduces its new self-carrying structure Free with Antiviral Fabric: combination of systems and technology cared for in every detail, and patented fabric that within 15 minutes from exposition is able to neutralize 95% of viral and volatile particles absorbed by the surface, 99,5% in 1 hour.

Preventing fabrics from becoming source of propagation of virus and bacteria, Medit takes on a larger project that contributes to reduce risks and the contamination rate, keeping the environments safe. A new life style, a new plus that highlights the importance for the future of projects able to give value to environments safety in order to preserve a high life quality.

With a line that goes beyond its range of systems for managing solar daylight, Medit here with its product Free with Antiviral Fabric, in roller blind and panel system version, introduces technology and ideas to provide solutions to the design world and to professionals who project spaces and architecture: so that innovation and sustainable development always remain a priority.

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