The new LAGO Campus, between innovation and sustainability

News — 29 January 2021

The headquarter of the design company headed by Daniele Lago is being expanded from 25,000 to 50,000 square metres. With a project by Zaettastudio.

LAGO's headquarter in Villa del Conte, in the province of Padua, is being expanded from 25,000 to 50,000 square metres. A new wooden structure with large windows facing Monte Grappa and a sunshade made of 58 coloured slats. The inspiration comes from the work of Gerhard Richter: the sunshade alternates between the laths, creating a gradation of colours that changes according to the light of day and its reflections.


The enlargement project, by Zaettastudio, is the result of an investment of almost 10 million euros over four years and is in addition to LAGO Fabbrica, the pre-existing production site of Daniele Lago's design company. The new Campus is divided into seven spaces: LAGO Logistica, designed to systematise internal organisation with new technologies, enhances sustainability and architectural education; LAGO Osteria, beyond the company canteen: managed by a local chef, the space becomes a place for sharing and relaxation, where empathy and relationships can be generated. These two spaces are located in the new building just completed. LAGO Giardino and LAGO Oasi welcome guests and visitors in a space designed for recreational and educational activities; LAGO Fabbrica, the production space organised for several years according to the logic of Lean Production; LAGO Showroom, the place to admire the products in contextualised environments and LAGO Office, the beating heart of the company.


"The man who creates is also the man who uses," said Daniele Lago. "We started from this principle to expand the LAGO headquarters, relaunching the centrality of people and the environmental issue in our approach to doing business. We have become a more mature brand than when we started, more than ten years ago now, but we want to continue to nurture the child in us. This is why we wanted to invest so much in the creation of a beautiful and exciting new production house. Italy has always had a manufacturing vocation. We believe, therefore, that it is highly strategic to develop workplaces that foster social cohesion and human ingenuity, characterised by a high level of technology that allows us to generate customised design that can respond to all kinds of needs and sensitivities".

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