The foldable smartphone of Nendo and Oppo

News — 10 February 2021

The collaboration between the Chinese smartphone giant and the Japanese design studio sees the birth of a futuristic phone that can be folded in different ways depending on its use.

It's a real technological innovation that presented by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo together with the Japanese design studio Nendo. It's a concept for a new foldable smartphone designed to meet the needs of users in any situation.

nendo oppo

This slide-phone is composed of several foldable screen units: thanks to a mechanism with multiple hinges you can organize and choose the size of the device, performing all kinds of activities without necessarily having to unfold it in full.
Simple actions such as checking email, making a call or navigating maps can be done with either a small or large screen, always on the same device and according to the needs of the moment.

nendo oppo

For now, as we said, the project is still a concept but well represents a creative and design approach away from the schemes that technology companies have accustomed us to in recent years. 
"The design opens up new possibilities for smartphones, for their use not only while fully folded or opened but while partially unfolded or while bent," said Oki Sato.

nendo oppo

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