BASE Milano presents Playground, series of talks and experiences on modernity

Milan — 04 March 2021

Playground, the Public Program by BASE explores cultural, social and creative practices through talks and artist residencies aimed at imagining a better and increasingly collaborative future. 

BASE Milano, cultural and contamination project, as well as a 12,000-square-metre space inside the ex-Ansaldo industrial buildings, since 2016 hosts a project-house for coworking, a design hostel and artist's residence, a large bistro where you can work or study, as well as vast spaces for events and workshops. Like all community spaces, it suffered a big hit with the pandemic: with long closures to the public and doubts about the future of events, it suffered a deep physical and relational gap. As a result Playground is a series of events that brings together physical and digital dimensions to imagine and experience the post-pandemic future. 


The programme includes a rich schedule of conversations, in-depth talks and artistic residencies. The contributions explore both physical and digital cultural practices and aim to outline an ideal common mission. In short, an informal and open playground, made up of crossings between sectors and collective creative processes. An invisible space for relationships, aggregation and growth.


The Playground Talks bring online a space for dialogue to give voice to experiences that seek to build new cultural and social bases for our communities. The next appointments will be broadcast on BASE's social channels on Thursday 11 March at 18.00 (Bauhaus Fundamentals: Testing Ground for Contemporary Experimental Learning, a conversation with Regina Bittner, Director of the Bauhaus Foundation Dessau) and Thursday 18 March at 15.00 (Walkable Cities, a talk included in the series Transatlantic Thursdays organised by the U.S. Embassy to Italy - American Embassy in Rome).


The Playground Residencies, on the other hand, aim to give space to concrete projects through a cycle of artistic residencies for musicians, makers, performance artists, circus performers, actors and actresses, designers, philosophers and photographers. 

 In December 2020, the most recent workshop was held by Makers Unite, with the participation of Spazio 3R and students from NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Makers Unite's mission is to facilitate access to social and work activity for migrant people. Through methodologies of co-creation and production of sustainable objects they facilitate dialogue and inclusion. The residency was the first step in Italy for Makers Unite, which was founded in the Netherlands, and an opportunity to get to know the needs of the territory and network with other associations. This residence was realised with the support of the Dutch Embassy and the Consulate General in Milan.

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Among the residencies already concluded are those with the collective Parasite 2.0, Quattrox4 and Milano Mediterranea, and the most recent one with Sara Ricciardi. A real playground, in which Sara Ricciardi has involved dancers of the Dance Haus of Susanna Beltrami to explore the dynamics between bodies and their meanings, to activate the gaze and define new routes without knowing in advance where you're going. An open research between people, distances, objects and space. Full space and empty space, a void that allows you to move freely. Leaving space: a game without results, which sees the "unproductive" culture as a commodity of first necessity.



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