The Socialite Family presents Paris-Milano, the new collection by Cristina Celestino

News — 12 March 2021

The collection-event has been designed from a distance between Italy and France and implicitly tells of the importance of journey and relationships.  

The Socialite Family, French decoration and interior design brand and media, launches its new ceramic collection. The collection, entitled Paris-Milano, was conceived and developed from a distance, between Paris and Milan, the cities of the two protagonists of this project: Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family, and Cristina Celestino, architect and designer leading Attico Design.


The collection gives life to everyday objects that conceptually embody a common idea of "home" and "living": a table box, a vase, but also a planter and a mirror decorated with twisted wood. The soft colours and matt finishes blend, in the processing of the material, with details borrowed from both Milanese and Parisian architecture, which share a vintage spirit. The pieces, characterised by a micro-textured pattern, have been made by Fornace Brioni, historic Mantuan company of which Cristina Celestino has been artistic director since 2016.  



"Taking its inspiration from the classicism of the Italian Renaissance, this regular surface motif takes us to Paris, in particular to the reliefs that adorn the external facades of part of the Louvre and other iconic buildings in the French capital," explains Cristina Celestino, whose collection takes us on a journey through space and time while sitting on our sofa. 


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