Londonart presents The Daydreamer capsule collection created by Giopagani

The new wallpaper collection is an intense contamination between fashion and art.


Londonart Wallpaper, a leading wallpaper company founded by Nicola Bottegal in 2011, presents The Daydreamer capsule collection for 2021


Designed by Giopagani, the collection is the result of a reinterpretation of distinctive signs, through a stylistic and aesthetic language that is always eclectic and visionary. The cards in the new capsule collection are all linked by a transversal fil rouge, where it is clear that there is a wide experimentation in the use of colour through bold brushstrokes and where tactility seems to take shape through decoration. 


The Daydreamer is, as its name suggests, a daydream, a journey that is the result of a mixture of creative hemispheres that are also very different from each other: the world of fashion merges with that of art, oriental aesthetics are contaminated with references to the first pictorial avant-gardes and to 1970s geometries, pop accents alternate with cinematographic representations.



All the wallpapers in the collection are embellished with special textures that create and amplify a stimulating three-dimensional effect, capable of giving new movement and new perspectives to the spaces in which they are applied. 



Londonart, which last year presented the Exclusive wallpaper e GLASS collection 20 collections, for 2021 has created a very evocative collection, where macro and micro, fashion and art, come together in a play of colour and decoration that transforms living spaces into theatrical backdrops that are always exclusive. 

The Giopagani brand was born in 2015 from the collaboration between Giovanni Pagani and Luca Montali, from the idea of conveying a specific eclectic and always original style, with references to the design and art of the past. An approach also evident in The Daydreamer capsule created for Londonart. 


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