The "Design Variations" exhibition project is back at Palazzo Litta


From 4 to 10 September, as part of Milan Design Week, Design Variations the exhibition signed by MoscaPartners comes back in the spaces of Palazzo Litta in Corso Magenta 24.

The task of reinterpreting the Cortile d'Onore of the historic Milanese building will be assigned to architects Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus of the Aires Mateus studio, that will present the temporary installation A beach in the Baroque  with the clear aim of celebrating the reunification of people after the isolation of the pandemic. The project underlines both the need for a renewed state of cohesion and the need to simply have some fun through the playful juxtapositioning of the installation with the surroundings such as the
obviously temporary pop-up nature of the site-specific work in contrast with the permanence of the Courtyard and the palazzo, the visual levity of the exhibit in contrast with the cultural formality of the location, the bright colours in contrast with the sobriety of the architectural materials. Together the diverse elements openly confront each another, giving a vision that is both metaphysical and culturally significant.

“We have confirmed Studio Aires Mateus that last year was unable to bring to life the installation
that, through a large pool of water covering the entire surface of the Main Courtyard in stark
contrast with the busy city around it, expressed the need for a quieter world. After a year and a half
of ‘forced silence’ we asked the studio to create a place to encourage socialising and coming
together”, said Caterina Mosca and Valerio Castelli, founders of MoscaPartners.

After the Main Courtyard Design Variations 2021 continues through the Copper Room, up the majestic staircase and into the historic grand salons of the first floor featuring the works of a selection of companies, designers, design schools and institutions from around the world. Confirmed participants include: Mircea Anghel (Portugal), Emmanuel Babled (Portugal), East China Normal University (China), Edelgrund (Germany), Dejana Kabiljo (Austria), Korea Craft and Design Foundation (South Korea), Supermama (Singapore), Wogg (Switzerland), Orografie (Italy), Casarialto Atelier (Italy) and Tensoforma (Italy).

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