Inspired by an innate passion for beauty and design, Florim has been producing porcelain surfaces to meet all the needs of the construction, architecture and interior design sectors for almost 60 years. Headed by Claudio Lucchese, son of its founder Giovanni Lucchese, the company has a past firmly rooted in the ceramics district at Sassuolo (Modena) and a present as an international industry trendsetter. Today, the Group employs 1,400 people worldwide and generates turnover of more than 400 million Euro in 2019. Famed for its quality, expertise and cutting-edge technology and design, it is known on the market through its high-end Italian brands and its brand dedicated to the North American market. With state-of-the-art production plants, distribution companies and partnerships in Europe, America and Asia and a number of flagship stores and single-brand showrooms, the company is well positioned in the world's top design districts. Its strategy focused on quality, innovation and sustainability combines with the creative drive and passion of its human resources to transform the value known as “made in Italy” into “made in Florim”. Florim has recently become Benefit Company changing its legal status and the company name into Florim S.P.A SB.

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Florim Flagshipstore Milano
Foro Buonaparte 14/N
20121 Milano 


Design Week

The point of view of the company

The role of Milan in your commercial strategy

The city of Milan is the capital of design, a point of reference, an international showcase for designers and professionals. It represents the birthplace of many artists, designers and architects who made Made in Italy a worldwide excellence. These characteristics, combined with an attitude towards development and innovation, make the city a fertile ground for launching new events and projects.

How do you think digital can support the physical event, from Fuorisalone to the launch of new products, during the year in the showroom?

Innovation represents one of Florim’s cardinal values. Digital transformation is happening and it represents an extremely important resource for the company to enhance its products, effectively reach a wider audience, improve the customer experience by speeding up the information and knowledge exchange.

Exhibition showroom or multifunctional space? How does the commercial space change and how did you think about your exhibition space?

Keywords: design and innovation. Florim Flagship Store in Brera, Milan is precisely designed as a multifunctional space: next to the collection exhibition areas is a workspace for designers and architects and a room with over 40 seats that hosts conferences, events and moments training.

What role do social media play in the company's communication strategy?

Social media allow the company to have an increasingly large, informed and consequently demanding audience, which has higher expectations of the new collections. Therefore, social media can be tools of personal and professional growth, that allow direct communication with the market, receive feedbacks, ideas and suggestions.

How important is innovation in your sector?

Passion, innovation and sustainability are the guidelines that distinguish Florim way of doing business: MADE IN FLORIM. The company has chosen to stand out by offering top-of-the-range products, entirely designed in Italy. Innovation, sustainability and beauty combined offer the customer a unique material featuring both technical performance aesthetic quality.

You are one of the most important presences in the Brera Design District, how has the district changed over the years and how important is it for new companies to have the opportunity to exhibit in Brera?

Brera, with its famous Academy, art galleries and luxury brands showrooms, seemed just the ideal place to build Florim Flagship store. For this reason, in 2009, we opened our first permanent space in Via Fatebenefratelli and in 2015 we moved to Foro Buonaparte, in a location that allowed us to double the space available, around 1000 SQM.

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