Evento 2021

JUNG loves ...

Exhibition of Things
4-10 Settembre 2021

L'evento appartiene a
Brera Design District 2021

Our hearts beat four billion times during our lifetimes. Feeling and thinking, intuition and logic, devotion and planning • who loves changes • nothing remains as it was • upheaval, awakening, passion • coming out of one's shell, growing beyond oneself • creating a new 'we'

The installation JUNG loves ... Exhibition of Things desinged by the design office 'raumkontor' allows visitors to the Fuorisalone 2021 to feel the heartbeat of JUNG – intense, physical, magical, enraptured. Sound, projection, colour and objects radiate energy. The assemblage of yesterday, today and tomorrow allows the onlooker to immerse themselves in a high-density environment with associations of proven impulses for design and architecture and at the same time – teeming life and intoxicating irritation. JUNG loves … kicks in / Enjoy!

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4-10 Settembre 2021

Sito Web: www.jung-group.com

Email: architects@jung.de

Modalità di accesso
We are pleased to welcome you as a visitor to our exhibition with an EU Covid Certificate or Green Pass valid in Italy. In addition, we would like to ask you to indicate your visit by registering for free on the ticket platform Eventbrite.

Our hygiene concept provides for a maximum number of visitors in the exhibition rooms. Should there be any waiting time, we would kindly ask you to stay in the outside area.
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