Evento 2021

The EHRERO Collection : Yann Le Coadic by Maison Pouenat

"Objects with function as the first aesthetic"
4-10 Settembre 2021

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Brera Design District 2021

With his innate taste for natural and ancestral materials, Yann Le Coadic has found in Maison Pouenat a fertile creative playground. 

The EHRERŌ collection brings you objects with function as the first aesthetic. 

The collaboration between Maison Pouenat and Yann Le Coadic brings us back to basics, with the use of metal as a common feature in the design and a particular focus on usage

The fusion of these two key elements takes us to the essential point: the discovery of useful, modern and elegant pieces telling a timeless story. 

The aesthetics of the objects revolves around their functional constraints: a pivot to adjust the height of a tray, a spring to reinforce a seat ... 

These objects have gone through a thorough thought process : should they be harmonious and practical, adjustable and modular or simply necessary and timeless? 

Yann Le Coadic makes sure they are all of these at the same time. 

These are everyday living objects, convenient allies: a removable easel that adapts perfectly to the size of the painting; storage under the chair to keep at hand the object that you will no longer need to look for ... 

With this original work, Yann creates metal objects – an element that is both central and discreet – that match, complement each other and form something truly unique: all the rooms in a given place become rooms that are alive and rooms to live in

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