Evento 2021

Marcin Rusak Studio to present Unnatural Practice

The design practice makes its Milan debut with a solo show curated by Federica Sala
5-10 Settembre 2021

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The presentation is conceived as a petrified fragment of Marcin Rusak Studio’s ongoing investigation.. “As the world came to a halt, the dynamic process of research and creation turned into restrained growth - a dense fermented environment where the end result is no longer an obstacle and possibilities become inexhaustible” says Marcin Rusak.

The exhibition will bring visitors into a still environment encouraging them to investigate the slit layers of the studio’s work. This is an opportunity to see and understand the suspended substance of Rusak’s practice - a living catalogue of the decaying, ephemeral and preserved.

Marcin Rusak’s work traces his field of action between scientific research and the aesthetic sublimation of transformation processes. Since his first formal research, his chosen field of investigation has been that of nature, seen as an inexhaustible source of new materials and above all newtechniques.

In his work, elements such as flowers, leaves and plants are observed, analysed under the microscope, reconstructed and transformed into raw material to be subsequently re-designed.

Almost as in a laboratory, Marcin Rusak’s study is organized according to the criteria of research and its phases: analysis, observation and experimentation until the definition of a new process methodology capable of transforming a natural element into a material. But as in a life cycle, the new material itself becomes the subject of a further investigation, becoming a natural artefact in perpetual design mutation thanks to the use of techniques that act as unnatural grafts.

Unnatural Practice presents for the first time the deep sense of Marcin Rusak’s ongoing research and development phases that characterize the designer’s collections and tests. From the Proustian sublimation of decay in the very first series of Perishable Vases to the most recent collections of Protoplasting Nature, in which vegetable elements are petrified in metal or resin, opening a new path back to the formal Art Nouveau we know and advancing a new design era where natural elements can grow into beautiful functional objects.

Marcin Rusak collects and dissects, crystallises and destroys natural elements, giving them new life or transforming them into effigies of themselves. This process of temporal crystallization might seem an aesthetic path but it is in reality an elegy of the intrinsic movement of life and nature, whose elements, though suspended in their decay, continue to decay with a slow trajectory that teaches us the passage of time and the value of its mutation. Marcin Rusak’s collections are therefore
a great living ecosystem of objects that enclose a vital element whose evolutionary cycle is not only not exhausted but becomes the basis for the subsequent-metamorphosis.

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5-10 Settembre 2021


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