A lighting system that respects and prioritises nature.
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To create a new vision of the future, playing with green design and technology to improve the quality of life. The aim is to develop a perfect union between being green and people’s lives.


The vase wants to bring a new way of designing and lighting conception into people’s lives, emphasising the importance of the green as the main design element. With a combination of design and technology the Project regards nature as a main priority creating a vision of the future and improving the quality of life. The vase enables and facilitates people to cultivate plants the whole year-round, with the possibility of configuring the lamp with the plantfriendly temperature and environment. With this technology plants and flowers never die. The innovative concept is the blend of three elements: design (with its shapes and colours), light (which makes life colourful) and green (the origin of life). Also, The vase includes a technology that enables to control the lamp from any distance.



The idea of The Vase came out of necessity. Living in apartments in urban areas we limit ourselves to grow herbs and plants. With The Vase we wanted to solve our own problem, then the idea was improved and here we are with a smart indoors greenhouse that at the same time is a design lamp for indoors.

In our team, we consider ourselves as ‘’environment analyzers’’, the issues we have in our daily life, we discuss and try to transform them into real products. The Vase is an output of one of these experiences we had. The Vase is a lifestyle brand that solves the challenges of people who do not have the right space to grow their own organic food or plants at home, without compromising on design. This also applies to bars and restaurants that want to offer fresh, organic herbs for their meals and cocktails.

At the beginning The Vase was just an idea and a common understanding, to make that into a real product a lot of processes are required. We started by gathering data on plants and the required microclimate for their growth, the results were promising. During that process we also debated on which design is better considering the requirements which resulted in some compromises to the initial design. After which, we began making the first prototype, we faced some challenges (shipping or finding stuff locally) in this step due to the pandemic, which took some valuable time from our plan. Then there was the war in Armenia which also affected the availability of items and professionals. Finally, we decided on making a simpler prototype for this stage due to the limitations we faced.


As a group we are multi-disciplinary which has a lot of advantages during the creation of a product. We had different points of views starting from design, marketing, business, sales and ending with tech, this made the maturing process of the idea quicker and more precise. Our team is based in Italy and Armenia which resulted in some obstacles while doing online meetings (time difference, language barrier for some of the members), and with the pandemic we were not able to travel and do in person meeting.


For the near future, we see some obstacles which we have discussed the solutions to. More investment is required to create the next prototypes and hire more professionals. After that step testing/early adopter sales will start. For the far future, we anticipate collaborations with designers / architects to include our product in their designs, and a streamlined production process. Different versions of The Vase might also be available.

Working alone or with few people has its limitations, find people that you trust and can work with. That is the formula for achieving hard-to-reach goals.

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