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Zero-waste gender fluid capsule collection
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WORTH Partnership Project
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Sustainable Fashion misconception leads the general audience to believe that products related to this area of innovation are unattractive.
Sixty six percent of consumers are ready to invest in sustainable brands, but are suspicious of brands as regards transparency.

This partnership aims to provide 100% sustainable products following Zero Waste concepts and provide full digital traceability to reveal the full supply chain behind each of their products.


Sustainable Fashion misconception leads the general audience to believe that products related to this area of innovation are unattractive. Sixty six percent of consumers are ready to invest in sustainable brands, but, are suspicious of brands as regards transparency.  ZEROBARRACENTO was created not to revolutionise, but to restructure (re-shape) the values of the fashion industry, escaping seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender, giving life to a product that can embrace and accompany those who choose it through the different stages of his life, adapting to their body, style and personality evolution. 

ZEROBARRACENTO wants to optimize the textile and fashion industry, redefining the production processes and choices that contribute to the creation of a collection. Every single element is designed to reach the ZERO-WASTE, which is not only a pattern making technique, but a commitment that the brand reaches at 360 degrees: with monofibre products to facilitate recycling, including selvedges, avoiding accessories that are difficult to disassemble. We hope that our example will serve to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, because each of our choices expresses the values that we want to pursue. Quality over quantity, uniqueness instead of seriality, traceability and transparency instead of hiding. The Made in Italy represents not a conviction of superiority, but the possibility to be able to trace every step of the production, collaborating with excellent – committed and openminded as we are – suppliers, thus giving life to a short supply chain that is completely visible of the brand-new website developed by Renoon.

From March till January ZEROBARRACENTO and Renoon intensively collaborated to: redefine and build the fashion brand’s identity. Create a new image that truly speaks of values towards final consumers. Develop a brand-new website for the brand bringing zero-waste design and responsibility into sharp focus. Starting from September 1st, ZEROBARRACENTO.com is live, truly embodying the new brand image and its inherent values such as transparency, traceability and Made in Italy. The new identity image has been spread by both the partners throughout their channels: social media business profiles, newsletter and press office activities. Strategic promotion and communication are core activities of this collaboration as, since the very beginning, we were convinced by the fact that we did not need to create the wheel but to make professionally visible what we already had built at product level. In the meanwhile, the ZEROBARRACENTO ss2021 zero waste collection has been created and presented in a key moment such as Altaroma Showcase. The SS 2021 KNOTTING THE FUTURISM is built on Zero-waste pattern making and responsible sourcing.  Zero-waste is a design technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage (usually, around 15% of textiles go wasted in the production process of fashion clothes). The collection is responsibly developed and designed in Milano and made in Italy. All the selected materials are certified, sustainable and  produced by companies who are also as committed to responsible innovation as us. A focus on unstructured shapes designed for a relaxed approach to life allowing versatility, modularity and fluidity. Workwear utility pieces with belts are made up in smudgy denims and precious cupros.  Oversized kimono and multi-layer summer coats. Every product is designed to last and to create a strong emotional connection to the person who chooses it.

ZEROBARRACENTO is a gender fluid, outerwear brand focusing on zero-waste product development. 0 and 100 are the brand statements: 0% waste, gender, age and time, 100% traceability, from idea to final product, Made in Italy and transparency. 
ZEROBARRACENTO is one of the pioneering brands to have joined Renoon with WORTH Partnership Project, Renoon is an emerging fashion-tech company, the first worldwide to match fashion brands and consumers’sustainability values. Renoon has developed capabilities in integrating sustainability within fashion brands and their online communication, as well as launching them in the online world. Renoon owns proprietary technologies developed for extracting data, processing it and verifying sustainability claims.

ZEROBARRACENTO is working to scale up its production capacity and to open to new markets, especially Asia. Moreover, we are developing a take back system for future re-selling of the already used items of our clients.

A choice of value, avoiding consumerism. We want to attract design connaisseurs who fall in love with our design and marry it but, above all, we aim that our products can be seen as an enhancer of their personality and their aesthetic identity. We propose zero-waste products that are design driven, innovative as well as responsible.

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