Luxury heeled shoes with a second purpose: more wearable, collectible and upcyclable.
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Manufacturing a smart luxury shoe system with modular heels and upcylcable components in order to increase the design value-added and lifespan of high heel shoes.


EnaOna is a unique high heel experience providing next-level comfort, greater wearability, personal twists in trends and reusability.
More than just a fashion statement, EnaOna’s authenticity is rooted in its unprecedented design innovation of the upcylcable high heel shoe structure and craftsmanship of its collectible jewellery heels.

At the core of EnaOna heeled shoes is a set of proprietary components invented by the partnership combining creative industrial design and modern materials to make high heel shoes. The shoes will integrate an ergonomic insole, ultra-thin and reusable carbon fibre core and a hidden heel pin mechanism to change heel height and shape.

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