Dinara is a unique Pastry Chef from Ukraine. She graduated from the University of Architecture and Design and worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer. She loved what she was doing as an architect, but now her passion is Patisserie.

From the moment Dinara got into Patisserie she decided to try to add something new into it. She realized that appearance is as important as taste. She tried to model her own moulds and print them with a 3D printer and she loved the result. Dinara prefers simple plain geometric shapes like cube, triangle and sphere. She likes sharp straight lines and black color, as well as red and white.

Inspired by her architectural past, Dinara utilizes 3D-modeling technologies to create special geometric silicone cake moulds. But rather than building with steel, concrete or glass, her constructions consist of meringue, gelatine and chocolate.

These extraordinary desserts look like real creations of an architect. Combining computer modeling and cooking she creates extraordinarily sophisticated and extraordinary tastes. This is more than a dessert, which very often doesn't look edible at first. EDIBLE ART is the slogan of her works.

Dinara believes that in the future Patisserie will be better, more unusual and with a better quality. She invents moulds to spread her idea of Patisserie of the future. Her state of creation is a pure state of search, experimentation, and creativity. For the CONTINUUM Dinara will recreate the taste of the future, which you will be able to experience. She will give us an answer to the question: how does the future taste? Obscurely?