Designer Holscher Design

Holscher Design has long held a position as one of Scandinavia's most recognized and award-winning design agencies due to its long history and special capabilities for Scandinavian quality design that enhances the quality of life. Holscher Design is today a modern, interdisciplinary and dynamic team that manages to continue the company's strong DNA and bring it naturally into a new era. And regardless of whether the design is a small everyday thing we do not think about, there is always the same respect for the user, the product, the design and the development. The key word is care. Holscher Design is today a team of five partners and 10 employees with an international and multidisciplinary profile, but still firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. The design team thus continues the company's original DNA, and with a holistic approach, the team solves tasks in fields such as lighting, sanitation and products for construction and urban furniture as well as many other areas. Today, all Danes come into daily contact with Holscher Design products - from public and private bathrooms to public spaces. And behind the company's designs is always the respect and care of the product and the customer, no matter how large or small, complex or simple, new or improving task to be faced. Or as the company puts it: - Products create our physical environment. Therefore, any product also deserves care regardless of category, scale or use. The starting point for us is always that design must make sense and create value and increase the quality of life for our customers, their users and the outside world. We are strong in thinking products into their context, and we do this by looking at the detail and the whole, by zooming in and out.