Designer Nicolas Erauw

Nicolas Erauw is a designer based in his hometown of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. His first acquaintance with design was through his carpentry studies during high school. In 2017, he graduated from the Royal School of Arts in Ghent with a specialisation in Furniture Design. Nicolas focuses on materials and processes, which add an industrial character to his work but also embraces the unexpected. 

Presented for the first time at Collectible 2020, these 3 bronze lamps are part of the on-going ‘Wax on/Wax off series’. These series are a collection of experiments of lost-wax casting and wax-dipping processes. The wax dipping is done with a self-made machine called TONK. TONK, a machine based on the old technique of candle dipping, was created to explore shapes and forms through a new medium. When combining the machine with the lost wax casting technique, a unique piece is produced every single time. 

Nazione: Belgium