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Educational service for older adults
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Educational service for older adults

1.CONCEPT Coolground is a service where older adults will keep in touch with the latest technological entertainment products and meet new friends, by group activities with help of young guests or experts. We provide group activities with help of young guests or experts there. The users will learn how to create, and share what they created.

2.OFFERING  Our service offering includes three main parts: experience, socialization, and rewards. 

The first one is exploring experience. It consists of five stages. First, the tutorial, the young guest or expert present how to use the product during the activity. Then, trying the product, users can try the product after understanding the necessary knowledge to use it. Third, the Co- creation phase, in which users and guests/experts create together using the product. This phase can be both outdoor or indoor. Then, in the recap phase, users share what they created and gained. Finally, our members can book our place to play freely with the aid of our staff. 

The second part is the socialization. People here can make new friends. It works through two channels: in place group activities (team building, warm up, games...) and in online activities (for example, chatting before the event). 

Last, the rewards: we would like to offer discounts to customers if they would like to buy the products they tried. 

3.STAKEHOLDERS In CoolGround, we have 3 kinds of main stakeholders: users, guests, and experts. 

Guests and experts have different roles in the service. The guests are young users of a specific technological product. They come here as volunteers, and they will get an hourly fee. Their role is to show how the product works and how they use them, creating a link between generations. Experts are professionals in a specific field, and they will help the user mainly to create and co-create during the advanced activities. Guests will charge the beginner activities, and experts are responsible for the advanced ones. 

4.USER JOURNEY One day, Luca gets to know coolground from his friend fabrize. Luca downloads the app, check the schedule to choose the activities and pay for it. On the day of the activity, Luca goes to the coolground, the reception welcomes him. Luca meets other participants in the waiting area. Then they go to lecture room. The moderator then give a brief introduction of today’s schedule. Then the guest, a young drone fan, explains how the drone works and what it can create. The moderator shows the group task for participants to experience together. After a warm-up activity. They are divided into a random team for the activity. In experience space, they are taught how to control the drone, then practice by group activities. They do the recap, share the feeling they have today. Luca goes home and gives some feedback on the app about today’s activity. Luca goes to Coolground several times, finally he gets a big discount of a tech product, he buys one.

5.USER ANALYSIS Everyone needs to learn something to do something else. But what happens when people are retired? They don't seem to need anything else new to know. The number of persons aged 60 or above is expected to grow from 962 million globally in 2017 to 2.1 Billion in 2050, and 3.1 billion in 2100. The Italian population continues to age, and on January 1 this year, the proportion of people aged 65 or over was 22%, the highest in the EU, and ""one of the highest levels of aging in the world."" 

The national statistics said Italy had overtaken Germany in this regard and has 13.5 million people aged 65 or more. The number of people aged 80 or over amounts to 4.1 million. (Istat) 

Starting from the map of needs, we found three primary needs that our service will target. They come from a combination of the preliminary research and the future Gen X target research.  ⁃    Knowledge need  Get in touch with the latest and popular entertainment technology products and new behaviours.  ⁃    Financial need  Experience the latest and popular entertainment technology products in an affordable way.  ⁃    Socialization need  Increase the opportunities of socialization and interactions.

6.BUSINESS MODEL We have tested the older adults’ market and now want to start a for-profit business named Coolground. Thus, they are preparing the business plan for this firm, using the software iPlan, with a time horizon of 5 years, starting in January 2020. Coolground will operate only on the Milano market. 

Coolground estimates a potential Italian market of 2,000 units in 2020, with a growth rate of 0.1% in the following 5 years. The firm estimates that its available market will be 76% of the potential market in the time horizon considered. The served market will be 10% in the first year, 22%, 28%, and 33% in the next 4 years. Coolground estimates a penetrated market equal to 35% of the served market from February 2020, then reach 40% from January in 2021, after a marketing campaign has done. 

Coolground estimates an average cost of production, net of labor costs, amounting to 51.64 euros per piece in 2020, which will increase 53.33 in 2022 and 2023, 65 in 2023 and 2025. 

Coolground estimates an average revenue per unit of 300 euro per activity in 2020. The average revenue per unit will increase in subsequent years of 5% per year.  



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