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CONSTANCY & CHANGE IN KOREAN TRADITIONAL CRAFT_2018 The simple yet not shabby, the splendid yet not luxury
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CONSTANCY & CHANGE IN KOREAN TRADITIONAL CRAFT_2018 The simple yet not shabby, the splendid yet not luxury

Craftwork is an aesthetic object with a unique taste of one individual, used in everyday life. And objects of craftwork are things that are needed for an individual rather than a small number of people, rather than a large number of people. And the form and shape that resemble the lifestyle of the user and the producer are all distinct. Nonetheless, craftworks also serve as a medium to continue to talk about the dignity of individuals whose meaning can be blurred in communities where they need to live in harmony. From a user's point of view, an individual wants craftworks that are long-lasting, complementing features or tastes that are not satisfied with mass-produced goods. Also, the creator produces craftworks after studying the methods and techniques of working harmless materials by craftsmanship of seeking solutions after long research and experiment so that the user feels no inconvenience. Craftwork is a very personal object, but, on the other hand, it is a public product that has prioritized the consideration for others, which has been accumulated for a long time. In this respect, the crafts that deviate from the excessive production- consumption of daily necessities and aim at proper production- consumption are being rerecognized in the 21st century. Also, as a practical and psychological tool, crafts expresses the sensibilities of contemporary people with various symbols, not standardized codes. Through the rapid exchange of information, the object world is able to derive new works beyond the limits of technology and techniques, to discover the tangible and intangible potential buried in time to infuse contemporary vitality to it, and the object world also intersects the lifestyle of people across the continent and overseas. In a digital ecosystem built on evolving science and technology, It is time for the past-recursive and self- referential craftsmen to prepare for their future values and roles. Based on the values and cultures of crafts, the <Constancy and Change in Korean Craft 2018> aims to be unfolded as an exhibition that connects Korea's everyday life with that of European and to prepare for the coming tradition through contemporary furniture to which Korean aesthetics is sublimated.



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- Hosted by : Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Republic of Korea - Organized by : Korea Craft & Design Foundation
- Art Director : JEON Joohee
- Artists : KWON Won-deok, KIM Gun-soo, KIM Do-kyung, KIM Sang-su, KIM Eun-young, KIM Eun-hak, KIM Jae-kyuong, KIM Jong-ryang, PARK Mun-yeol, PARK Jae-kyung, SO Byung-jin, SOH Eun-myung, YANG Seng- joong, EOM Tae-jo, YU Bae-gun, LEE Kwang-woong, LEE Don-ho, LEE Mi- hye, LEE Sam-woong, LEE Un-cheon, LEE Eui-sik, the last LEE In-se, LEE Jae-young, LEE Jung-hoon, LEE Chong-deok, LEE Hyung-man, IM Choong- hoo, JUNG Myung-taek, CHO Bok-rae, CHOI Min-woo, CHOI Jong-kwan, HAN Chang-kyun, HONG Hoon-pyo.

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