In breaking down the ORGANOID brand, “Organic” (in the sense of natural and pristine) and “oid” (from the ancient Greek for ‘like’) are the key elements.

100% sustainability, authenticity, closeness to nature and nontreated natural materials are the ingredients of our natural surfaces

The natural beauty of our surfaces comes from nature itself. Nature is the best designer and we do our part – with technical know-how and skill – so that nature is also present in interior spaces.


Our Vision.

In today’s increasingly technologically demanding and fast-paced world, our hope is that people will more frequently come into contact with natural materials to renew the bonds between people and the natural environment.


Our Mission.

Through the use of untreated natural plant parts, which have largely retained their original appearance, feel and fragrance during our production processes, we are able to bring the outdoors into interior spaces as well as the fresh smells and positive associations of nature.


Our value system.

As an ambitious, young Tyrolean company, we believe in positive relations between employees, partners, suppliers and customers.


Numerous awards.

We're on the right track: Numerous awards and positive feedback from our clients give us confidence.


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Organoid Technologies GmbH
Nesselgarten 422
A-6500 Fließ

Partner Italia

Piva srl
Via Roma, 149/B
31020 Villorba (TV)

+39 0422 9140
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