Conscious experience of nature: 
Interior Design with Natural Surfaces from Organoid

Carefully chosen natural materials can be found on surfaces from Organoid Technologies GmbH for furniture and interior design.
With natural surfaces Organoid offers various solutions in natural interior design for architects, carpenters, interior and acoustic designers. Besides our stock collection, which is available at any time, we also design special surfaces according to the client’s own concept.

“The increasing urbanization and uprooting of mankind demand a timely response
with new, natural room design concepts: Organoid® natural surfaces.”
Christoph Egger, founder and CEO.

It takes nose, eyes and hands when experiencing organoid surfaces for furniture and interior design. Without additives for color or fragrance, clever Tyroleans are pressing natural materials onto various carrier surfaces. During the gentle manufacturing process the natural features like scent, color and touch are preserved.

ALMWIESN, WILDSPITZE and BLIATNPRACHT stand for stylish noblesse and an alpine style of well-being. Besides the existing and well established natural wallpapers there are several light variations.

The light variations on natural flax non-woven backing or white eco-fleece are coated with significantly less natural material. Single leaf or lightly spread petals, these natural surfaces offer inspiration and one of-a-kind interior design. The carrier material is part of the design. The light collection is a big add-on for the Organoid range of products.

Back to nature – the trend to spend time and refuel in nature has become a basic need for stressed and overextended people. Experiencing nature means recreation, power, creativity, continuity and positive feelings. Various studies have proven the link between humans and nature and its impact on recovery at any age. Unfortunately it is not possible for all people to spent time with nature near their home or workplace.

Organoid natural surfaces are a substitute for the lack of nature with raw, fragrant and appealing surfaces which can be used at the workplace or private rooms. As a design element or just as a framed picture – because it is beautiful and appealing to body and soul at the same time.

Visitors approaching our booth always notice the fine scent which brings back positive memoires: Grandmother’s herbal garden, vacationing in the mountains, wildflower meadows… this way Organoid’s natural surfaces add something special to any room or furniture.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 July 2020

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 July 2020