Event 2021

Dogs on set!

Dogs on set! A day with our four-legged friends

During the Fuorisalone, Milaura will organize the "Dogs on set!" event, a day of joy to meet up after the holidays and introduce our four-legged friends to each other. After the boom in the purchase and adoption of dogs that occurred during the lockdown, a moment of sharing and fun that sees our puppies as protagonists. 

On September 8th, the whole day will be dedicated to the shooting “dog-owner”, to have a professional photo with your dog, thanks to the collaboration with Argentovivo Academy, dog trainer specialized in pet shooting for luxury brands. 

For the occasion, Milaura will launch a matchy leash-belts collection, to always be coordinated with your dog: over 20 models that with style and cherfullness will be able to give a touch of originality and functionality. The leashes are combined with bag holders, to never forget good habits in the city. 

Throughout the day, an aperitif will welcome guests with their dogs, with Panzo panzerotti and Genuina Pet Food salamis. At the end of the shooting, everyone will receive in addition to the photo, a small gift for their dogs. There will be also a game rewarding the most beautiful photo.

During the event and until September 10th, thanks to the collaboration with My Style Bags, Hundog and Genuina Pet Food, inside the Milaura concept store in corso Garibaldi 20 you will find everything your puppies need: a series of accessories and products for dogs, capable of creating design and functional spaces at home, reserved for play, food, rest and pampering. Products can be purchased and customized. 

Waiting for you for a happy return!

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Entry rules

Free access, with the obligation to wear a mask. Temperature measurement at the entrance.

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