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ESTHER BURTON | Fuorisalone EustachiORA Wine&Design

Cicchetto will be invaded by Esther Burton's didactic mold: the residual materials of the productions of installations are transformed from waste into a new object of value; mouldable material in new shapes and colors, at the service of design and content

Eshter Burton
The event belongs to
EustachiORA Design&Wine 2021

Cicchetto opens its doors to Esther Burton's didactic mold, a decorative installation with a narrative purpose

Molds are a type of multicellular organisms belonging to the kingdom of fungi, capable of covering certain surfaces in the form of spongy mycelia and usually reproduce by means of spores. Mold is commonly called a cluster of these thin mycelia, formed on plant or animal matter, generally as a foamy or filamentous layer, as a sign of decomposition and rot.

Depending on the spores involved, the environmental parameters and the presence of pigments, it can manifest itself with different aspects and colors (black, green, but also blue, red). The residual materials of the productions of fittings are transformed from waste into a new object of value; mouldable material in new shapes and colors, at the service of design and content

What is no longer needed becomes part of a virtuous life cycle with a sustainable soul: we do not use exhaustible raw materials and we eliminate waste

The artistic dimension loads the material with a new meaning and gives it a new dignity

Bas-relief, composed of modules with a square base -> From square to cube (the more contemporary voxel), primary element, which combines with the others to generate a free form, a multiple organism that takes on its peculiar appearance thanks to a precise combination of the elements that form it.

A collection of QR Codes allows interaction with the object

A multiplicity of messages gathered and divided that are transferred to the recipient if interested in learning more

The multifaceted aspect of the work means that each user can interpret it through their own personal vision, since they live on different reading layers

An interpretation of the whole or the discovery of details / details → from the macro to the micro, from the organism to the single cell

Wine inspires contents, shapes and colors to tell.



This project is part of the "Fuorisalone EustachiORA_Vino & Design": in all the premises of the district, the projects of a selected group of designers will be present. We will enhance design, linking it as inspiration, to the culture of wine, but above all they will become disseminators of eco-sustainability and the conscious management of plastics and all those other materials that otherwise would not have a new life.

The goal is to create projects that reinvent the way of approaching these issues, through a more conscious, sustainable use, such as recycling the reuse of materials and objects. We want to give the neighborhood a different approach, at hand on these issues so present in our daily life
Fuorisalone EustachiORA 2021 will be a showcase and an opportunity to give life to a conscious, functional design and above all in defense of our planet.

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Entry rules

|| The projects will be exhibited for free throughout the week, in the district's wine shop||

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