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Sustainability and green are commonly used words, in the most visible and measurable sense of the term. However, there is an intangible world, embodied by ideas, values and emotions, concepts that are eternal and timeless because they reflect the thinking and true essence of human beings. The intangible could be figuratively associated with the submerged portion of an iceberg, an essential and predominant part that lies below the water's edge and is hidden from the eyes, but which materially exists and has a fundamental absolute value.

How can this intangible value be expressed, particularly in the field of design and architecture? Is it possible to quantify the intangible value of any architecture, product and object?

The S 2 ARCHITETTI studio has made it its goal to provide an answer to these questions by enhancing the non-visible aspects of the design and product realization process, primarily by raising awareness among companies, with the aim of bringing out the added value expressed by the energy emanating from the intangible world.



The project, presented as a preview in the form of an art installation for Fuorisalone 2022, aims to raise awareness and to make visitors aware of how important the value of intangible is. 

The concept is made explicit through the application of a colored label to each product on display, which stands out from the neutral, monochrome colors of the objects themselves. On each label, the people who participated, from conception to realization of the individual product, are displayed with quality scores linked to individual intangible aspects of the processes. Finally, the product receives a total score equivalent to the amount of positive energy accumulated during the entire process.

Participating companies have "put their face on it" and joined the first experimental application of the provocative concept proposed by the architects. The exhibition encourages an ethical path that enhances the entire human production chain. 


Entrance only with accreditation - RSVP info@homeitalia.com

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