Event 2022


At Lamitex, we believe in developing new sustainable materials, implementing new resources and using renewable sources. We believe in recycling, reforestation, well being of the working environment, welfare, and all useful solutions to improve the world we live in. The well-being given by the environment we are in is our prerogative for a new universal perspective.
We want to contribute to improving the world, not only by offering the market an adequate product in line with the new challenges, but also by reorganizing the internal corporate structure, the supply chain and our environmental impact. We have always been attentive to the aesthetics and well-being that can give the beauty and perception of a new surface, accessible to all and applicable in multiple products and contexts.
We believe in a world that has taken a precise direction: the challenge is to offer the protagonists of interior design an effective alternative, of undisputed quality, that brings with it technological and innovative content, that provides for the elimination of pollutants, and that can boast sustainable production by placing only environmentally sustainable plant components at the center of its design.
In recent years we have seen great sudden and unimaginable changes. These phenomena have highlighted all the fragility and precariousness of the system on which we rely and the importance of giving quick and concrete answers to the issues that affect us. We are convinced that we must adapt quickly to an ever-changing context such as the one in which we are living. Starting from this context, we wanted to make our contribution and implement our new perspective. What is the global outlook? What should we expect? The challenge of global warming has been evident for years; unfortunately, this is compounded by other serious events such as the pandemic and tragic war clashes with related global economic consequences that affect everyone's daily lives.
The new perspective we are setting ourselves is this, without forgetting our roots: the Made in Italy quality that the whole world recognizes us, the incredible cultural and manufacturing resources that we can boast of since time immemorial and that have made Italian Design great over the years. We believe that there is still an enormous amount of opportunities ahead of us in which design can intervene and contribute positively. Our goal must be to reduce the invasive and harmful actions of humans on the environment, on other species and on humanity itself. We have embarked on a virtuous path of reforestation. "Invest in our Planet" was the title of the last Earth Day when we wanted to donate the planting of more new trees in an important project that will also support the local population in Guatemala. Our CLPL®, the result of a unique technology designed and developed over the years, is a universal, multi-purpose cladding material that is ideal for all indoor vertical decorative surfaces. Our laminates boast incredible aesthetic, technical and workability qualities; they contain no harmful substances or pollutants, and the raw material from which they are made comes from FSC®-certified forests. It is with pleasure that we present the new Decor Week Lamitex declined in 4 mini collections: INDUSTRIAL, BREMEN, THE GRAYS and AURORA. The result of the continuous study and research work of Lamitex internal team DR&SS (Design Research & Style Selection), the new collections are designed for the most important international event in the world of interior design and identify new trends in four distinct areas.
From the most authentic designs of Bremen Oaks to the most romantic nuances of Aurora Maple, the new Lamitex collection is designed to combine shades and textures harmoniously, enhancing the most diverse architectural, style and furniture choices. Timeless essences and original inspirations are represented through evocative scenarios with poetic tones, from the most natural ones to the contamination of industrial style.

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