Event 2023

Ritratti by Carolina Castiglioni x PLAN C

A project combining art, fashion and design

The brands debuts the “Ritratti” project at Milan Design Week

In occasion of Milan Design Week, Plan C presents a new multifaceted project, combining art, fashion and design.  

The brand’s founder and creative director Carolina Castiglioni once again expressed her creativity in new forms, conceiving a limited-edition capsule collection that will be on show for the first time at Milan’s Galleria Il Vicolo Apr. 17-23.

Always inspired by figurative and abstract art, the designer selected a range of prints previously used on a range of Plan C items that served as starting points to create a selection of sculptures.

The protagonists of the sculptures are Carolina herself, her children Margherita and Filippo, as well as one of their friends. They all already appeared on Plan C’s prints, that Carolina creates starting from pictures she personally takes during her spare time.

The colorful, eye-catching resin sculptures, that immediately link to the distinctive esthetic of the effortless chic luxury brand, are handmade by skilled artisans in Milan starting from white chalk and polymeric clay artifacts that are used to create silicone rubber molds. These are filled with resin, that is then sleekened and hand painted.

In addition, Carolina also recreated some elements of the sculptures as intarsia on mohair sweaters and as sequined embroiders on pencil skirts coming with four different color combinations matching with the artistic objects.

At the same time, the graphic elements also appear on four different carpets developed under license by French homeware brand, that worked with artisans in Morocco to craft these exquisite wool creations available upon request.

“The most exciting thing about this project is that it enabled me to express my vision through different creative forms,” comments Carolina. “I love designing fashion collections, but at the same time opening up to different fields, like visual art and design, give me bigger chances to fully express myself. This has always been a key element of my career and I think in the future this will strongly influence the further development of the Plan C brand.”

This colorful and sophisticated constellation of items will be protagonist of a suggestive installation at Milan’s art gallery Il Vicolo, where Carolina’s creations will be on show on a rotating life size music box.

The gallery will also house a pop-up show, where the limited edition collection, that will also include canvas tote bags and printed shirts, will be available for purchase for the entire duration of Milan Design Week. The "Ritratti" project will also be hosted by the milanese store Biffi in Corso Genova with an exclusive installation in the store's windows.


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Sito Web: www.plan-c.com

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