Project 2023

Tortona Design Week 2023

Future to Share



With an unprecedented graphic design and a proposal aimed at bringing together and narrating the realities of the Tortona area, Tortona Design Week - promoted by the Tortona Area Lab Association, for the first time in collaboration with the Double Malt integrated communication agency - presents for the 2023 edition: Future to Share, an ambitious project to pioneer together a future to be written in the perspective of sharing and inclusiveness.

Tortona Design Week presents itself to the general public with an ambitious and at the same time inclusive theme that expresses in all its simplicity the desire, strongly felt by the entire organisation, to return to share with others than ourselves a future expressed in all its meanings: innovation, technology, but also reprogramming of an everyday life that in its usual guise seems by now distant.
Future to Share is also learning, sharing and building change. In fact, among the various brands that have already decided to take part in the event, many are planning to hold workshops and meetings with an educational character, capable of transforming the audience into competent and critical listeners of the present.
Here are some of the realities of this edition: Gac, Lechler, Delta Light, NOROO Group, Swatchbox and UMPRUM. With them, we will discover how the concept of design is changing to meet the needs of a "new" society and project its lines towards a future that is both longed for and already so close as to almost correspond to today.

Gac with its 'car culture' collection wants to create a 'rendezvous' that celebrates design and car culture. As the world's most important design fair, Milan Design Week is the perfect opportunity to showcase our new collections and its explorations into the future. That is why in April Gac will present Car Culture 2, the second iteration of the car culture family.

In the context of Color Design®, Lechler presents at the Milan Design Week the new proposal "The Way of Relations" dedicated to new spaces of relationships, as an answer to the current necessities of living and dwelling and in contrast to the disruptive individualism. Lechler chooses the bench, an element of aggregation and inclusivity by nature, to emphasise how we can maintain our uniqueness by being all together.

Delta Light will launch at the Milan Design Week 2023 its new collection, presented with the publication of The Lighting Bible 15 catalogue. From Tuesday 17th April the new products of the Belgian multinational will be at the centre of momentUM, an evocative installation that will animate the Delta Light Studio in via privata Gaspare Bugatti, enriching the programme of initiatives of the Tortona Design Week.

NOROO Group presents 'MIRAGE': a multi-sensory experience through which the visitor will be able to explore different paths among iridescent colours and infinite reflections. An installation inspired by forests, mysterious inviolability, balance and flexibility, and their ability to bring together nature and different ecosystems.

Swatchbox takes material samples from leading brands around the world. It allows designers to request them in a single box with free delivery, which they can keep or return.

For the Tortona Design Week, UMPRUM the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague is bringing the worlds of design and music together! UMPRUM.wav invites you to enjoy both the visual and acoustic qualities of the unique musical instruments created by the students. The interactive installation will allow you to mix and match the samples and compose your own sound composition.

IAB Italia with Design & Fashion Digital Touchpoints will offer an overview on Luxury investments in 2022 and 2023 and will analyse the perception and experience of luxury brands. Through in-depth analysis and case histories, sustainability, brand growth and customer experience will also be discussed in order to understand how the protagonists of the sector use digital touchpoints to tell their stories effectively.

Tortona Design Week wants to set itself once again this year as a reference point for all design lovers, for national and international trendsetters, and for the thousands of people who flock to Via Tortona and Via Savona every edition. A place/non-place that emphasises the macro concepts towards which the future points: technological innovation, sustainable urban manufacturing, social inclusiveness, self-production and an increasingly widespread circular economy. Only an education focused on these themes will make it possible to experience a future that is increasingly shared and participated in.