Event 2023

ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon

The exhibition "ELEMENTS - TCL Green Horizon" takes visitors on a journey through the elements of nature, highlighting how the environment is a source of inspiration, creativity, and innovation. TCL aims to create inspiring technology for a better future with exceptional design, and user experience. TCL merges sustainable artwork, immersive experiences, and innovation, inviting you to envision a horizon where nature and technology coexist, inspiring a greener future.

The exhibition starts with the #TCLGreen Sculpture, a unique art installation created by Kevin Chu, a renowned artist and Royal Institute of British Architects member. The art pieces feature eco-friendly physical and interactive art, with discarded electronic circuit boards used as cladding materials and presented as digital grass blades. 

TCL's ESG story is further developed as a journey to discover the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, and fire, at the Tortona venue. Each interactive and playful experience leads back to the #TCLGreen installation, telling its story from multiple points of view, transferring to circularity and reinforcing TCL's green commitments.

With innovative technology and clean energy solutions, TCL aims to embrace the path of sustainable development and inspire visitors on their own journey to a harmonious future. 

In 2020, TCL established Design Innovation Center (DIC) for cross-category product interconnection and synergy. During this time DIC conceptualized a new cross-category HORIZON design language for unified tonality of product, brand, and user experience to deliver intuitive award-winning design and industry-recognized innovative products.

In this context of the Milan Design Week, visitors are invited to Discover the Unimagined with the brand-new 2023 TCL Europe product range, including new Mini LED and QLED Smart TVs, Domestic appliances, and new concept devices, that leverages technology to bring people together and humanize moments with rich intimacy and empathy.

TCL Europe is holding a physical press conference on April 17, which is by invitation only, and a digital event to provide an exclusive preview of their product range. The exhibition will be opened to the public on April 18.

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TCL technology for a sustainable lifestyle | #TCLGreen

What if we could rediscover a new way of recycling by reusing electronic waste? TCL takes you to Roseto, Italy, to catch up with artist Kevin Chu, in the pursuit towards nature-inspired artful expressions to conserve energy and create a sustainable living environment. Watch more to find out how they've collaborated on #TCLGreen.


TCL Mini LED technology : the future of LCD display technology

With high contrast, high brightness, and ultra-thing profile, Mini LED technology provides TCL TVs with exceptional picture and colour quality. Fast-moving images (e.g., speed sports videos, action movies, etc.) have a perfect visual fluidity, without any flickering or shaking of the image. In 2023, TCL launches its 5th generation of Mini LED technology, with again some major benefit improvements. TCL will offer new largest Mini LED TVs with new picture performance technologies and advanced gaming features. New TCL Mini LED Series will amaze with additions of even more compelling color, true premium and flagship performance. This brand-new range will also offer even better brightness, amazing cosmetics, and even better sound.

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Entry rules

Monday 17th April - Invitation Only

Tuesday 18th April - 12PM to 5PM
Wednesady 19th April - 11AM to 8PM
Thursday 20th April - 11AM to 8PM
Friday 21st April - 10AM to 9PM
Saturday 22nd April - 10AM to 9PM
Sunday 23rd April - 10AM to 5PM

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