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The Parona plant, located just a few kilometers from Milan, is one of the most modern, innovative, and significant site for coatings production in the world. Here, technology and creativity merge together, inspired by iconic global landscapes such as Iceland and Nevada. Milesi's color experts combine these experiences into an emotional palette, creating coatings that tell stories and offer a unique multisensory experience
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Not far so from the urban context of Milan is based the modern Parona plant, a production site representing the convergence of technological development and sustainability in the production of high-quality Wood.Coatings

Imagine stepping into this environment dedicated to innovation, surrounded by a touchable atmosphere of creativity where Milesi’s  color, drawing inspiration from iconic images from different locations around the world, create coatings that tell stories and offer a unique multisensory experience, transforming it into an emotional palette. Among these images, stand out those of the Litli Hrutur Volcano in Iceland, the chromatic landscapes of the Danxia National Park in China, the dramatic contrasts of Bryce Canyon in Nevada, and the vibrant energy of Red Rock Canyon, in Nevada as well.

Thanks to craftsmanship and a keen eye for visual poetry, Milesi's color experts explore these images in order  to capture their essence. They play the role of modern alchemists, leading the emerging sensations into a palette of emotional colors that make the heart of Milesi's Wood Coatings.

From Iceland to Nevada, passing through China, the journey of these coatings is a tribute to the life and Beauty of Nature. Each color tells a unique story, conveying fragments of experiences from the surrounding world that go beyond the surface, entering the soul.

In Milesi's creative laboratory, technology merges with the art of coating , giving life to a powerful expression of colors. In this context, art becomes an emotional journey, an experience that is not restricted to visual perception but deeply touches anyone who has the privilege  to enter this dedicated space.


1st room- Explosion of colors - Litli Hrutur Volcano in Iceland

Milesi Wood Coatings draws inspiration from the explosion of colors of the Litli Hrutur Volcano in Iceland to create extraordinary stains . Initially gray like rock, they transform into fiery magma red, a symbol of strength. Applied to wooden panels, they turn every surface into a chromatic work of art, an exciting journey through unique shades and textures.

2nd room - Escape of colors - Danxia National Park China

The Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, in the National Geological Park in China, inspire with their unique colors and extraordinary shapes. In this spectacular landscape, Milesi finds inspiration to create a range of Wood Stains that capture the essence of this unique environment. The dry and vivid colors of the rocks become coatings palettes, transforming wood into artworks that evoke the wild beauty and energy of the surrounding landscape. With Milesi Caotings, every wood project can tell the story of these incredible mountains, bringing a touch of magic everywhere.

3rd room - Contrasts - Bryce Canyon Nevada USA

From the deep rock sculptures of Bryce Canyon, Nevada, Milesi draws inspiration to create a unique range of Wood Stains The majestic hoodoos and pinnacles, shaped by relentless natural erosion, are an ode to beauty and resistance. Milesi coatings capture the astonishing contrasts between the sculpted rocks and the endless sky, transforming wood into artworks that tell the old thousand-year history story of this extraordinary landscape. With Milesi Coatings, every wood project becomes a tribute to the  greatness of nature.

4th room - The energy of color - Red Rock Canyon Nevada USA

Red Rock Canyon, in Nevada, offers a spectacle of unique colors and shapes, with its steep red rock walls and imposing peaks. It is here that Milesi finds inspiration for its range of Wood stains. The colors of Milesi Coatings reflect the contrast between the dry sand and the vibrant tones of cactus flowers blooming in this harsh environment. Like the flower in the harsh conditions of the desert, Milesi stains bring brightness, bringing the beauty and strength of nature directly into your wood projects.

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