Every color tells a unique story, starting from a photograph.

— 11 April 2024

IVM Chemicals srl
Viale della Stazione, 3 Parona (PV)

Milesi creates a unique design process, starting from the inspiration of breathtaking landscapes to the creation of paints with a strong aesthetic and emotional impact.

The aim is to convert these amazing contrasts into a unique palette of Wood Stains. Milesi Coatings capture the ancient essence of landscapes, designing colors that pay tribute to nature. 

But how does this transformation process happen, from visual suggestion to the creation of the stain? The journey begins with the selection and analysis of landscape photographs. These images become the starting point for developing the color palette. 

Milesi color experts then experiment with various combinations of pigments and dyes to recreate the shades and nuances of the inspiring landscapes. This process requires meticulous research and a creative approach in mixing the single components of a stain. 

Finally, the resulting coatings transform wooden surfaces into true works of art. The stains, inspired for example by Bryce Canyon, can be applied to furniture or other wooden artifacts, giving them an original and suggestive character. 

Milesi stains, available in any desired color, enhance the wood, highlighting its shades and veins, protecting it from everyday events, and giving an extraordinary look to every piece of furniture. 

In conclusion, Milesi's journey, from visual inspiration to wood art, combines technology, creativity, and respect for nature, resulting in high-quality products with aesthetic and emotional impact.


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