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Milesi is a brand of the multinational IVM Group, one of the largest and most important in Europe and around the world, specialized in wood coatings and home furnishing coatings, distributed in over 100 countries The products meet any application, aesthetic or performance requirement; they are submitted to assestment   according to international parameters and documented by certifications and attestations, with extreme respect for human health and the environment.

In order to offer a complete range of solutions to the furniture industry and the world of design, Milesi has integrated over time its range of wood coatings, a market sector in which it has specialized in for over seventy years, with paints for paper, PVC and plastic materials, metals, digital printing, glass and marble.



iN 2020 Milesi have created two new ranges of coatings : BioPAINT, sustainable, because developed with raw materials from renewable sources and Healthy.Wood, sanitizing because they ensure absolute and long lasting protection to the surfaces against bacteria.

These two technologies,implemented innovative coating solutions, never seen before: with the of use of bio and sanitizing coatings, furniture and furnishing accessories become both sustainable and sanitized at the same time, preventing bacterial proliferation by more than 99.9%.

Further information about BioPAINT and Healthy.Wood in the dedicated Design Guide 2020'page



Milesi products are manufactured a modern plant  in Parona, in northern Italy, which covers an area of over 15  hectares. In terms of  size and design architecture it is one of the most modern and innovative coatings production sites in the world.

Designed to ensure the highest production standards and, in compliance with sustainable development, it ensures, through a closed-cycle process, production without the release of polluting emissions into the atmosphere (VOC free)


The strength of the Milesi brand is its ability to meet the requirements of its customers with totally unexpected solutions, designed to meet specific needs in terms of use and of technical, tactile and aesthetic performance.

A team of Researchers is dedicated to the relationship with architects, interior designers and engineers: their challenge is to conceive innovative solutions that can be an inspiration for the world of design.

Thanks to their deep technical know-how, Milesi's Researchers are able to listen and understand individual needs, converting them into new formulations.

Technical Assistants constantly cooperate with customers to identify the most suitable cycles to  the desired technical and aesthetic results and to their application requirements, to fine-tune the products on their equipment and to support them in optimizing their coating processes.

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