Sustainable development: Milesi's focus for indoor and outdoor

The brand presents a new generation of wood coatings that combines sustainability, hygiene and long-lasting protection against bacteria.


Milesi's new solutions, BioPAINT and HEALTHY.WOOD, combine innovation and research with a focus on sustainability, with the idea of providing an important element in the creation of a supply chain that is really green in all its components. Sustainable development becomes a must in both research and production.

Creazioni Cantarutti with BIOPaint

Designed to be applied to different types of surfaces, Milesi's bio- and sanitizing coatings offer coating solutions that respect the wellness of people and the environment and that ensure high performance while preserving the aesthetics features and the natural beauty of the substrate.

Marco Buttafava, Milesi  Italy Wood Coatings Director, one of the guests of the webinar "MILESI HEALTHY.WOOD: The answer to a permanent sanitation" by is back on the screens of Design Week in order to answer some questions about new Milesi projects.

HEALTHY.WOOD sanitizing coatings have been launched on the market for a year now: have there been any developments?

Since last June Webinar on, there have been many requests for sanitizing finishes that led to combine the sanitizing aspect with that of BIO. We could mention the Italian companies Pizzolato Tavoli and Cantarutti that are proposing their creations using these technological developments. We got closer and closer to the world of food by maintaining our collaboration with Chef Davide Oldani, who designed with Sanelli the truffle slicer with sanitized wooden base Xfetta, a creation of two Italian excellences.

Affetta tartufi in Healthy.Wood Xfetta by Davide Oldani

Milesi has a Green DNA: what is the BioPAINT range?

BioPAINT coatings contain up to 75% renewable raw materials of plant origin that are not intended for human nutrition and are produced in the Parona plant, a factory that has been designed to ensure an extremely high standard of production in terms of sustainable development. BioPAINT coatings are the result of a study that involves renewable raw materials and provides for a reduction in CO2 emissions calculated on the basis of the Life Cycle Assessment: zero VOC emissions, 100% reduction in waste and reduced energy consumption thanks to the innovative, fully-automated closed-cycle plant.

SQUARED T in Healthy.Wood by Pizzolato Tavoli

Plant for sustainable production, research and development, Life Cycle Assessment: Milesi for future generations?

Milesi strongly believes in training: it is important to transfer to young people not only qualified technical-application content but, above all, an extreme sensitivity to Green issues. Together with Polo Formativo LegnoArredo in Lentate sul Seveso (MB), we have launched a contest entitled "La Cucina BIO Sostenibile 4.0" (Bio sustainable Kitchen 4.0), which involves the students of "Operatore del Legno"(Wood Operator) and "Progettazione e Industrializzazione 4.0" (Design and Industrialization  4.0) courses in the design and creation of a wooden object coated with Milesi Bio coatings. Thanks to the competition, Milesi wishes to support the training of future professionals in the Furniture and Furnishing sector by enhancing the creativity of young people and promoting the relationship between school and work, while also focusing on sustainable production.

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