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Technological and innovative coating solutions
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Technological and innovative coating solutions

Innovation, research and quality, but above all solutions. This is Milesi. Milesi, a brand of the multinational IVM Group, one of the largest and most important manufacturer in Europe and around the world, specialized in wood coatings distributed in more than 100 countries. 

Milesi's products are designed for wood, but they are available for other materials as well, such as PVC, marble, glass, impregnated papers and others; above all, they perform well in both indoor and outdoor environments.   They can meet any application, aesthetic or performance requirement and are submitted to evaluation according to international parameters and documented by certifications and attestations, with the highest respect for human health and the environment. All of this  produced using a technologically advanced, closed-cycle plant to ensure maximum sustainability.

The latest goal  achieved: eco-sustainable and sanitizing wood coatings.





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