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BIO sustainable and sanitizing coatings for furniture and furnishing accessories to promote a 360° (an all-round ) sustainability culture.
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The latest studies of Milesi Research & Development Laboratory created  a new generation of coatings: sustainable, because they are developed using raw materials from renewable sources, and sanitizing, because they provide surfaces with absolute, long-lasting protection against bacteria.

Just a few months after the market launch of the HEALTHY.WOOD range of sanitizing finishes, the ability of the Milesi Laboratories to innovate has made it possible to introduce a new generation of first-ever coating solutions: the BioPAINT range.


BIO and sanitizing coatings for the most different kind of furniture and furnishing accessories that become sustainable and sanitized, focusing on the wellness of Man and of the Planet and leaving the aesthetic features and the natural beauty of wood, one of the most precious natural raw materials, ,recyclable and used all over the world, unchanged.

Milesi's mission is to provide all manufacturers of furniture and building elements with sustainable and innovative coating solutions that are designed to enhance the quality of living. The safety of one's own home is a core element in the research efforts of the Milan-based company, whose advanced products combine a deep commitment to issues related to the environment, ecology and human health.

Indeed, BioPAINT coatings contain up to 75% renewable raw materials of plant origin that are not intended for human nutrition, combined with sanitizing technology that prevents the proliferation of bacteria by 99.9%: innovation at the service of the environment. 

In addition to the UV100% products, the BioPAINT range includes the first line of BIO polyurethane wood coatings, with which it is possible to achieve a dry film with up to 50% renewable content. This value was measured using the Carbon-14 dating test (*) and certified by the American Beta Analityc Laboratory. 

To prefer a BIO coating means to make a green choice and look for a conscious and sustainable way of living without giving up of all the excellent performances of resistance to: hot and cold liquids (test UNI EN 12720), scratches and engravings (test UNI EN 151869 and 10782), temperature changes (test UNI 9429), anti-yellowing (test UNI EN 15187).

The products comply with the EN 71/3 standard, which certifies the safety of toys, including their chemical composition.

BioPAINT and Healthy.Wood implement and promote a sustainability culture offering a first ever coating solutions: with the use of organic, sanitizing coatings, furniture and furnishing accessories become sustainable and their surfaces are sanitized at the same time, preventing the proliferation of bacteria by more than 99.9%. The two products provide the ideal tool for all those environments where hygienic conditions are a must.

(*) The Carbon-14 date test, internationally identified as ASTM D6866, allows to measure the content of renewable raw materials of vegetable origin in the products. A codified standard test has been developed for this purpose.

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Milesi and Pizzolato Tavoli, a manufacturer of furniture accessories from Treviso (Italy) share a great passion for wood.

Pizzolato creates furniture that merge a careful research of high quality wood, craftsmanship in assembly and innovation. Pizzolato has created its new line of accessories using Healthy.wood Milesi coatings as part of its commitment in development of excellent and innovative solutions.


Testimonial - CANTARUTTI

Cantarutti, a company founded in 1970 in Premariacco (UD), specializes in seating design and furnishing accessories that integrate innovation with traditional craftsmanship, construction and creativity. In addition to the ergonomic design and the great attention to aesthetics, thanks to talented designers, for Cantarutti sustainability and respect for the environment are fundamental values on which the creation of its collections is based: from this desire the collaboration with Milesi in the choice is born. of Bio paints, which guarantee sustainability and very high quality performances.