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A Live Show Cooking to celebrate the Winning Trinomial: MILESI Vernici per Legno, Chef Davide Oldani and Aran Cucine

The winning path of MILESI wood paints, chef Davide Oldani and Aran Cucine continues: on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 presentations and news marked by the classic aesthetic ingredients, functionality and all-round sustainability.

The commercial strategies that combine similar brand values are successful and continue over time: for this reason Milesi, a brand of the multinational IVM Group, among the largest and most important in Europe and in the world specialized in wood paints whose mission is to provide all those who create furniture and building elements sustainable and innovative painting solutions for the quality of living, continues its journey alongside, once again, Chef Davide Oldani, and Aran Cucine.

Milesi, with the now iconic product, MILESI Healthy.Wood will be present on several occasions as a "guest".

During the week of the Salone del Mobile, inside the Salone Satellite, area dedicated to designers under 35 (Porta Est) at the stand of Art Wood Academy will be on display the new furniture and accessories for the table made by Art Wood Academy and painted with paints MILESI Healthy.Wood for Davide Oldani.

Art Wood Academy, the Upper secondary Technical Institute of the Rosario Messina Foundation, had already collaborated with the chef for the reazlizzazione of "Wood", collection of furniture and accessories, designed from the concept of sustainability, designed by Oldani together with the designer Attila Veress, enhanced by Milesi’s Green sanitizing paints. The "Wood" collection will be enhanced by the new furnishing accessories presented on this occasion.

The news from Milesi do not end here: in September 2021, during the Design Week, the partnership between the leading paint company and Aran Cucine for the realization of a particularly innovative project that will finally be presented in international preview at Eurocucina, Salone del Mobile 2022.

at the stand Aran Cucine, Pad 11 | C15 D26. CUCINAnD'O is a kitchen designed by Davide Oldani and designed together with the designer Attila Veress, for Aran Cucine whose wooden parts have been painted with MILESI Healthy.Wood.

Quality and sustainability are the basis of the chef’s project, mainly fully shared by Milesi, whose paints respond to any application need, with extreme respect for human health and the environment.

The latest born in Aran Cucine will be presented to the public through a special Live Show Cooking curated by Davide Oldani, Wednesday, June 8, at 10.00 am, which will be open to industry operators.

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Entry rules

Eurocucina | Fiera Milano District, Rho | Pad 11 | C15 D26 - Aran Cucine Stand 
8 June 2022
Hours: 9.30 - 18.30 
Exhibition reserved for sector operators.

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Workshop - Eurocucina | Fiera Milano District, Rho | Pad 11 | C15 D26 - Aran Cucine Stand 8 June 2022 Hours: 9.30 - 18.30 Exhibition reserved for sector operators.
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